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  1. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Great question Franny! Bill, if I could add on to that, how did you and your family wind up in Africa in the first place?
  2. Re: Trump Administration Ends Long-standing Safeguards Protecting Kids from Dangerous Class of Pesticides

    Why the need to make a snide comment in the first place? Serious question we should all ask ourselves every day. To question, challenge for evidence, the marketplace of ideas and all of that is fair...
  3. Re: Anunnaki disclosure recent /Anunnaki Whistleblower Spills The Beans

    Of course I'm just being silly, but, is my little dreamt up scenario here any less backed up by evidence then links offered in the original post?
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    Re: I'm Not A Cisgender Male

    Well now hold on just a second here Ernie.

    Would you agree that theres a big difference between say,giving a chick born with a dick an equal say in society and free as possible from...
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    Re: I'm Not A Cisgender Male

    The following quote from the father of modern day propaganda Edward Bernays jumped right out at me while reading your post Mike.

    Any more I see it everywhere, from politics, religion,...
  6. Thread: Love

    by Gracy May

    Re: Love

    I 100% agree with Mike here. Strat, the last thing you want is Mike's scenario coming to pass where rather than feeling deep contentment with a life well lived, waves of second guessing yourself...
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    Re: Street Epistemology

    One of the things I find so fascinating about these impromptu interviews is, starting to understand how little thought most people have put into some of their most deeply held beliefs.

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    Street Epistemology

    What is Street Epistemology?

    I'm thinking it's not a bad idea for every truth seeker to question their own deeply held beliefs, in similar manner to how these...
  9. Re: Incredibly significant presidential statement

    Hi mpennery, I so see the goodness in you, and I so see that what you and I want are the same thing but, again, can you or anyone else actually point to any evidence that the troops are indeed coming...
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    Re: Very Few People Can Actually Think

    Same here Paula, except the anticipated new thoughts, insights and ideas, usually takes a little bit more time to percolate up in the old noggin for me.

    Kind of like when I turn the coffee on in...
  11. Re: Incredibly significant presidential statement
  12. Re: Incredibly significant presidential statement

    This, to me, is where the great disconnect lays. Can you (or anyone for that matter) point to any evidence that he is indeed bringing the troops home?
  13. Re: Incredibly significant presidential statement

    Besides the corny violin in the background, here's the first thing that bothered me about, what I consider to be, a stirring piece of pure propaganda. Why don't we look at what our politicians are...
  14. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill! :sun:

    Here's a related question for you. First off, speaking of Mockingbird, would you agree that the ufo field is by far the most tainted with dis, and misinformation, in all of...
  15. Re: Was god choosing Jesus just; or should the Father have chosen the cross for himself?

    Neither. Why the need for a blood sacrifice in the first place?
  16. Re: Avalon visit to the Hypogeum and other ancient sites in Malta 2019

    Awesome to see beautiful souls gathered together like that, and in sacred places to boot! Thank you for the pictures and for sharing Billy, can't wait to see more, and hear some stories! :clapping:
  17. Re: Targeted Individuals: experiences, problems and solutions

    How many of us have a "pure heart"?

    How many of us are blameless?
  18. Re: What if Impeachment/Ukraine was why Biden was running in the first place?

    I think the term "clown show" being bandied about is the proper term for this. Both American political parties are corrupt to the core, both Biden and Trump are corrupt to the core, all we're setting...
  19. Re: It's going to be ultra tough for us to usher in a golden age!

    That's a damn good question! I'm afraid a human race get off your knees scenario, as David Icke and others envision, is simply not plausible, not even in the slightest any time soon.

    Now any...
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    Re: The Amazing Colour Changing Card Trick

    Reminds me of this oldie but goodie. Only 1:42 long.

    Think about how easily this basic knowledge of human psychologycan be used for malicious, self serving purposes against us, and very likely is...
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