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  1. Re: City of Folsom holds full scale security drill

    What does water resource management have to do with chasing someone from a criminal incident outside their building ?
  2. Re: Commercial (condemning bankers) banned in Switzerland (See why in Post #15)

    Great share. Thanks.
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    Re: Awesome 'Spooky' Rife Machine

    We actually have a rife machine. No clue what box it is in. May have to dig it out one of these days.
  4. Re: Billionaire claims aging process 'reversed'

    For myself, personally, I am not really interested in this. Who wants to live too long ? My mother-in-law talks regularly how she is tired of outliving one set of friends after another. She is in...
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    Re: United States to Ban Raw Meat Sales

    I agree. This is why I do NOT bother with Mercola anymore. What... Does he want you to buy a $50,000 membership to his raw meat club to ensure you will have a supply when it is banned ?

  6. Thread: Pregnancy

    by happyexpat

    Re: Pregnancy

    I really, really recommend checking out "Opening the Way" from the Monroe Institute.

    I did it with my pregnancy and cannot begin to describe how much we all received out of it. There is a...
  7. Re: GMO causing massive tumours in rats - Secret French Study

    Soy is what they fed inmates in asian prisons to keep their testosterone down and keep them easy to control.

    Aside from most of it being GMO, that's a pretty good reason to avoid it.
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    Re: Narcissistic Rudness

    Some people are just trolls.
  9. Re: You want to vaccinate my child? No problem. Just sign this form.

    It's not a waste of time if it gets anyone (especially a doctor giving vaccinations) to think about what they are doing, and there's no call whatsoever for rudeness.
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    Re: Aug 25th not one ChemTrail

    That's because they were busy spraying over here. (Laurentian Mountains near Montréal)

    Completely clouded over by late afternoon.
  11. Re: Manning given 35 years for leaks........US creates ' whislte blower '..Martyr...

    When Whistleblowers Disrupt Transparency
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    Re: George Bernard Shaw on vaccination

    I do believe based on the research I did before deciding not to vaccinate, small pox was really where it all started and the leviathan has marched on from there. It is all about the profits and...
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    Re: George Bernard Shaw on vaccination

    There is nothing new under the sun... Amazing they do the same thing with statistics now that was done so long ago...

    This is also a great page of his quotes on vaccinations. I had no idea...
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    George Bernard Shaw on vaccination
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    Re: Euthanization for NAPPING
  16. Re: Bringing down this house of cards - by Ari Kopel
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    Re: Possible emergency alert for Fema region 3?

    ... but it's a stretch, and is pretty much out of context. Still looking.[/QUOTE]

    In this case, he would be talking about a financial disaster. 30 Sept is the fiscal year-end for government...
  18. Re: Filmmaker Oliver Stone turns on Barack Obama

    I have a big brain crush on Sean Stone. I am gaga for intelligent men.

    It's okay. Hubby knows how I am about this. I have a big brain crush on Max Keiser, too.
  19. Re: Vaccine exemption request for school enrollment

    Just a heads up, I would go to the State website first. While many anti-vaxx sites are well-intentioned, they are not necessarily up to date.

    I heard something about NJ having a recent change in...
  20. Re: You want to vaccinate my child? No problem. Just sign this form.

    Tesla, I know just a few of your experiences from your posts... I am truly sorry for what you and your family have gone through and continue to go through. :grouphug:
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