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    At first, I believed Corey's story. Then it became that he was a conman. I have not been able to follow the ins and outs. However, I have come out with the intuition that the intent behind all...
  2. Thread: Soul Gardening

    by amor

    Re: Soul Gardening

    I feel that the creator meant for us to Garden and Joy in the creation of animals and plants and to not create pain for any living thing. Instead we are enslaved in a system that owns our time and...
  3. Re: SURVEY / Is anyone for keeping weapons out of space ?

    My final thought on WHO is behind the NWO and AGENDA 21 is as follows: At the top is the ALIEN DEMONIC ORDER. Under that is the Rockefeller/Rothschild Bankers who are being used as tools to bring...
  4. Thread: Racism

    by amor

    Re: Racism

    I was brought up on an island and witnessed the ending of the colonial British influence on people of African and European origin. As a small child I saw the differences in the way the two lived and...
  5. Re: Google Whistleblower Goes Public, says ''Burden Lifted off of my Soul''.

    Well, I don't think that any of us are surprised. After all, the NWO or 1984, have published their methods far and wide. The Elite own their stock where stock is necessary. They also own and...
  6. Re: Gioele Magaldi: Freemasons. The discovery of the Ur-Lodges.

    The evil movers and shakers do their worst, but the horrific angel of death with his lethal weapon has come calling for Zbigniew and three other of his cohorts. The evil runt is still parading...
  7. Re: SURVEY / Is anyone for keeping weapons out of space ?

    Would you or anyone walk into deep jungle without anything to defend and save your life? There could be any number of dangerous germs, viruses, insects, and large animals waiting to prey on idiots...
  8. Re: Precognitive Dreams : (Another) Thread for Personal Experiences

    My mother and I were about to embark on a 14 hour air journey the next day. We both had a dream the night before showing the number on the tail of the aircraft and somehow in the dream knew that we...
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    Re: Chase Kloetzke on UFOs

    This person, it appears, does not have English as his or her first language and deserves thanks for the effort at attempting to tackle such a difficult subject. The idea that those holding the reigns...
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    Re: Worldwide Chemtrail Reporting by Avalon Members

    Here in North Central Florida the CT's are now much lighter but still taking place. They begin as the afternoon progresses, as if to hide the heavenly bodies which are not supposed to exist...
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    Re: Sunday Weekly Global Meditation

    It might help those of us new to healing meditation if those requesting help posted a photo to help produce a mind link. I know it would help me to focus.
  12. Re: Boeing Mega Troubles with its 737 MAX 8 Overriding Nose Dive Crashes

    I am glad of the opportunity to make a statement about the Boeing Max 8 and 9 and their quick fix design failure, quick switch and refix with computer software. If that software can EVER FAIL,...
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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    Here is the lowdown. I have carefully watched thousands of very high flying jets laying down chemtrails, as well as commercial jets that fly by and leave an inch trail which quickly dissipates. ...
  14. Re: Trump Administration Ends Long-standing Safeguards Protecting Kids from Dangerous Class of Pesticides

    In 1979 there were woodpeckers hammering at the roof around here. I have not seen a bee in many many years, and I now give shelter to the wasp hives which attach themselves to various parts of the...
  15. Re: Child Abuse Survivor Tells Her Story & HRC/Abedin Abuse Still

    On the premise that this horror exists, I can only conclude that the people involved are truly insane. Perhaps they have become victims of that room in the United Nations where the Evil Presence is...
  16. Re: Desperately begging for healing prayers, best wishes,strong cure vibes,

    As I have posted elsewhere today, ESSIAC tea from Canada (google it for all information) has cured all terrible forms of cancer even at the later stages. Also, in addition to that Lysine, an Amino...
  17. Re: The US Vaccine issue is more than just about "the Shots", it is about totalitarian tiptoe

    In a world where the Rockefellers are the leaders of the organizations and intention to bring about world genocide, where an end run has been done around citizens by passing laws forbidding objection...
  18. Re: UFOs, Underground Artifact, Pine Bush NY, DR BRUCE CORNET

    I would say from the information given above that the Secret Government owns the Cemetery and the farm. The buried objects generate signal beams extending into outer space, guiding the way for THEIR...
  19. Re: Independent Nurse Practitioner's straight scoop on medicines

    Last but not least, flouride takes the place of calcium (which moves around the body as needed) to and from the bones, brain, heart, etc. However, flouride does not move around. Therefore, it will...
  20. Re: Independent Nurse Practitioner's straight scoop on medicines

    For those people fighting cancer or merely fearing it, along with Nutritional Yeast Flakes take extra LYSINE. Also, send to Canada for the Indian Herb Mixture which Rene Caisse used to make a TEA...
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