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  1. Re: 21 Jun 2015 - Ceres Spots Continue to Mystify in Latest Dawn Images

    Now they are seeing lights on Pluto. Sorry, lost the link.
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    Re: Eight reasons to vaccinate your child

    Anti-vaccine MD 'suicided'.

    Whether vaccine...
  3. Re: I'm going to miss the Confederate Flag as a teenagers REBEL Flag

    eBay and Amazon ban the sale of confederate memorabilia, yet continue to sell Nazi related items?
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    Re: Historian Ursula Haverbeck!

    A world where you cannot simply have an opinion. Amazing. Scary.
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    Re: Teenager into self-cutting

    I would suggest the book by Dr. David Perlmutter, Brain Maker. Your daughter may be in need of nutritional help. Dr. Perlmutter shows very well how gut microbes can heal the brain and alleviate...
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    Re: Eight reasons to vaccinate your child

    Please tell me you are trying to be funny. If not an attempt at humor, it smacks of pure ignorance. Why do people join in a conversation without having done any study of the subject matter?!
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    Re: Charleston mass shooting

    Odd how this event caused us to look away from the secret trade deal for a few seconds. Bam, trade deal passes the House while we look away. ???
  8. Re: 100% Pure Gum Turpentine & Kerosene - Kill deadly Candida, leave healthy bacteria alone!

    It sounds like you are doing many good things for your health. I would advise concentrating on replenishing your beneficial gut bacteria. After all those courses of antibiotics (literal meaning:...
  9. Re: Financial Emergency: The US Dollar Should Have Already Collapsed If Not In July 2015

    Here are some illustrations of just how crazy it has gotten.
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    Re: Let the healing begin

    Music is art. Art is beauty. Beauty is the window into consciousness and awareness of what we are. Healing indeed.
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    Re: Newspaper Blows Lid Off Vaccine Damages

    It is surprising to also finally learn that many doctors themselves refuse vaccines for their families. Yes, they know. Just like chemo for cancer. Over 75% of oncologists would not submit to chemo...
  12. Re: Cumadin, an anti-clotting blood thinner. Needed--a natural alternative?

    Vitamin K2 is a premier blood thinner. Found in nattokinase (sp?) and many other foods.
  13. Re: Diagnostic Methodologies From the Superconsciousness

    Very good advice, but did you forget to mention Intention? You must set out and define that which is desired. I like to say, out loud or in my mind, "what if I knew the answer to ____________"? This...
  14. Re: Aussie student proves existence of plasma tubes floating above Earth

    You, Dear Sir, appear to be living in some sort of fantasy land.[/QUOTE]

    Last time I looked, science provided new hips for my mum, life-extending drugs for my dad, satellite navigation across the...
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    Re: Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret (2014)

    Eat insects instead! Seriously:

    Insects are an extremely healthy, delicious, and sustainable form of protein. Humans have evolved eating insects, and even today, 80% of...
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    Re: Death Is Nothing At All Good little book on how we program ourselves about death. We don't necessarily have to die, but as we fully expect to, we do. Ageless Living, by...
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    Re: Top Model says sun lotion is poison

    The reason people burn or have bad reactions to the Sun is that they have inadequate levels of fatty acids in their diet. Pure, unaltered fats protect the skin. Also, proper levels of vitamin C aid...
  18. Re: Gut Health - Dreaming Body, Dantian and efforts via our Food and Medical Industies to Suppress Your Power

    The DNA of the bacteria in our bodies have more influence on our physical and mental aspects than do our own human DNA!!! Of course they want to kill them off and to date are being quite successful.
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    Re: Is dolores cannons work for real?

    I experienced one regression session with a student of Ms. Cannons. At the time I felt I was getting nothing, as she kept asking me questions about what I "saw". I felt like I was doing all the work...
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    Re: Their greed will be their downfall;... Greece taxes cash withdrawals.
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