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    Re: Finding Love

    Great story Suzzy
    Without farming were would the modern world be, it wouldn't exist it's a simple as that by having food reserves this allows us to have cities and our modern way of life, I think...
  2. Re: Wade Frazier - Energy and the Human Journey: Where We Have Been; Where We Can Go

    Hi Akasha
    The level of response is alarming but understandable, each and everyone has their own agenda, our dear friend Wade is no stranger to this level of interest in his work but you will have...
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    Wade, that chapter was just awe inspiring, I have been reading your essays for some time now, just reading away chapter after chapter trying to keep up with the work you do, I know what future I...
  4. Re: BBC Illuminated......Bizare sublinimal images at the end of Match of the Day !!

    That was a good discussion now shake hands and move on to :cheers:
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    Re: Overpopulated??? Truly???

    Hi Flash,
    I really enjoyed that presentation in fact it was brilliant and it all makes sense to me, it was excellent the way he presented it, with a bit of humour and humility, I will need to look...
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    Re: Gardening

    Hi Greenguy,

    My Father's family come from a farming background and my fathers parents had 12 children well he moved to Scotland from Ireland as the farm cant support everyone, but in a very rough...
  7. Re: The Hidden Laws Of Nature, By Mark Passio Dec 2013

    Hi Roman,

    I really enjoyed watching Mark Passio doing his stuff, I have retired now but I used to do some work at assessment centres for senior managers assessing their behaviors to see how they...
  8. Re: Hauntingly Beautiful Flashmob Tribute to Nelson Mandela

    YES ! that touched my heart, that was wonderful,
    Thank you so much
    God bless,
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    Re: The Nature of Desire

    Hi Freed Fox,

    My take on desire is one of shared energies, I will only look at the positive side of desire in this response, my thoughts are that if you add love to the statement it becomes...
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    Re: What is the Purpose of Your Presence?

    What is the purpose of your presence ?

    To be tested !

    Hopefully for the last time,

    I have managed to live a life with so much love in it, I sometimes find it difficult to understand some...
  11. Re: What technologies, activities or concepts will be made obsolete by Free Energy

    Hi Ilie,

    I felt I had to read through all the posts on this thread before I responded, first of all I apologies for not replying sooner but I just picked up on the thread a week ago and since...
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    Re: Should I?

    Hi Chester ,

    I expect you already new the answer to your question before you ask the question !

    Go on give us it, I look forward to reading it.

    Kindest regards
  13. Re: An RT truth video of early American history

    Great video find syrwong,
    It's not new information to me but it gets the point across pretty quickly and with today's life being so hectic it's the quick and easy way to learn something about our...
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    Re: Mind, Matter and Meditation

    Hi Limor,

    I have been reading Wade Frazier post since I joined project Avalon and I had seen David Hugh's post there, I read it but did not take it all in , as reading Wade's work is hard enough...
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    Re: Naadi Shastra: My experience with Destiny

    Hi Billy,

    I am so happy you have got your story out, I have just read it again must be my third time and it still moves me, my heart felt thanks to you and to all of those that have responded to...
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    Re: Who are the 24 Elders, A revelation

    Hi Billy,hi fellow Avalonians,

    Dear friends I have to say what a conversation we have just had on this topic, I have to say a big thanks for starting this thread I learned so much and it lead me...
  17. Re: What do you like about Avalon? A reason to value differently...

    The reason I am here is to learn, I know of no better place to educate yourself about the real events the real world we live in. I thank all the like minded people how spend time putting together...
  18. Re: The real Jesus, the real Mary, Gnosis, the Archons, and the world's first major smear campaign

    Hi Bill,

    That is one of the best posts I have read from you in some time Bill, thanks. It is strange but I almost went into the priesthood myself when I was young, what a mistake that would have...
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    Re: What brought you here?

    Hi Jagman,

    Good question, I have never joined any forum until this one so I think I have been lucky finding it so quickly, I used to follow Bill Ryan and Kerry's work on project Camelot back then...
  20. Re: disinformation/satire Sites (A general list Please)

    Hi Shadowstalker

    I have noted with dismay and dissapointment that well meant post's are being attacked in this way, when found out to be false, I do not believe anyone in this forum would...
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