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  1. Re: Mass Shooting in Parkland, Florida, High School: 14 Feb 2018

    Seen all this coming from waay back, but it's almost unbelievable how patently blatant they've become with their False Flag (Blaming the Gun) attacks.

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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan

    Happy Birthday Bill! Love the Photo! :)
  3. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    Fort Shafter Developing Plan to Evacuate Americans in S. Korea

    18 Feb 2018

    The head of U.S. Army Pacific at FORT SHAFTER (SCHOFIELD BARRACKS) and his staff have been tasked with creating a...
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    That's correct but not the same boat as pictured.

    U-408 was a German U-Boat during WW2 which went down off Iceland (A long way from Antarctica).

    The USS Sennet (SS-408) was an American Boat...
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    Interesting that the submarine pictured is the USS Sennet (SS-408) and the picture taken is whilst on Operation Highjump in the Antarctic in 1946.

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    Seems pretty obvious from my point of view.

    Photo 1: Antarctica

    Photo 2: Warning!

    Photo 3: Warning Received...
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    The problem here, and one that everyone needs to keep in mind, is that Riddles and Crossword Puzzles are fun and that's what makes them addictive. So with that in mind, and being a member of the...
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    From Sean Hannity: "Collusion?"

    RUSSIA BOMBSHELL: Susan Rice Sent ‘UNUSUAL' Email to Herself During TRUMP’S Inauguration

    posted by Hannity Staff - 2 hours ago
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    Re: Active shooters in Las Vegas: 59 dead, 546 injured



    Major Questions About the Body in Room 135 - Las Vegas Shooting - Part 83

    Blackstone Intelligence Network
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    Re: False Missile Alert over Hawaii

    Uh huh. :)


    Hawaii 'Button-Pusher' Refuses To Work With Investigators . . .

    HAWAII 8 hours ago
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    In other words, the Democrats? :)
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    That's Good! :)

    Here's some more possible good news (We'll have to wait and see).


    Net neutrality comment fraud...
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    Burger King Uses The Whopper To Teach A Valuable Lesson On Net Neutrality

    The repeal of Net Neutrality is a hot topic in America, but it can be very difficult to understand. That’s why the...
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    This image describes it:

    (May be Of Interest):
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    "Install rogue_ops" (Twelfth line down)

    New Twitter Account:
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    The SSP is run by the Deep State.

    Now just think about that for a moment.

  17. Re: Linda Moulton Howe's Weekly Updates and Reports

    Not even you! (Wow.)


    what i meant to say is what researcher fits my worldview better
    even i am less right than he is in my worldview[/QUOTE]

    You sound terribly disappointed.
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    Callista, I see something like 25 tweets plus a few retweets that you've sent within the past hour.

    Does that sound about right? :)
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    Re: False Missile Alert over Hawaii

    This, and the ensuing retractions for both alerts, is further evidence (for me) that this was all a Failed False Flag which was promulgated by the Deep State.
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    Is this what you believe?

    Whenever I participate in a thread and sometimes offer information, which I don't mind saying some of which you're not going to get from anyone else around here, I don't...
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