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  1. Re: 'V', the Guerrilla Economist, posts the most important information he's ever shared (4* General reveals 'The Plan')

    Bill, You disappoint me, again. If a source quotes one unnamed source, and the information can't be confirmed independently, then the info simply is not true. You have been there before. Stop this, ...
  2. Re: Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Putin, and World War III

    The Chinese have their own translation software, as well as staff fluent in English. I can't imagine that you don't know that, so why the translation and why the mention in this post? ( Do you imply...
  3. Re: JOEL SKOUSEN on World War III - and Strategic Relocation

    Bill, I respect you for your deep insights in many matters, I share many of your beliefs as well needless to say that you are highly regarded among the members of Project Avalon. When routing people...
  4. Re: Genpets, what are they really? selling genetically designed hybrids?

    The purpose of the project was to make you sick. Anyway, getting sick of a genpet is proof of your sanity. -
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    Re: Top 5 Books that have Impacted you the most

    Nothing from Hubbard ??!
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    Re: Coast to Coast AM (Richard Hoagland) Mars, Phobos & YU55 (11-30-11)

    Hoagland's star rose to world fame when he announced his 'face on Mars'-theory. His fame did not last long. It turned out the face was an optical illusion in some low res pics only. It is the cross...
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    Re: Coast to Coast AM (Richard Hoagland) Mars, Phobos & YU55 (11-30-11)

    C2C say they don't pay their guests. The guests -have to- appear on C2C through contracts with their publishers, i.e. book promotion. And if they are self-publishing then a C2C appearance is a three...
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    Re: Coast to Coast AM (Richard Hoagland) Mars, Phobos & YU55 (11-30-11)


    But he =IS= ! Hoagland is a Science FACTion writer. Hoagland ( and others in the genre, including our beloved Bill Ryan ) have created a world full of mysteries and conspiracies in which you...
  9. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across

    So, David Icke recommends this lady who tells you that you are not from this world, that you are alien. - This is really sad.
  10. Re: Carol Clarke: the most consistently accurate psychic I have come across


    Any chance you can persuade her to take on Randi's $1,000,000 challenge? -

    That would silence Randi, wouldn't it?

  11. Thread: Heads Up

    by ndroock1

    Re: Heads Up

    Don't worry Bill, we need you focused. As you said so yourself: "It may well be nonsense" and it probably is. Best wishes to you too.
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    Re: The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction 1961

    I can only say to those who are regularly abducted: do everything you can to return with -physical- evidence. Pictures of the aliens (if necessary use body-implanted cameras. ) but best of all...
  13. Re: Red alert!! Right-wing extremist attack!!! Many killed and injured in unexpected

    I don't blame him for missing the point. - In this time of info overload we have to be considerate with the readers of our posts, i.e. use as little words as possible to get the message through.
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    Re: Teslas purple plates......

    Where will you be using the plates for? It would be nice if you could make a short log of measuring the effect of the plates. Strictly for Avalonians, of course.
  15. Re: MUST WATCH Video of Alex Collier's statements on Grey Agenda

    Because it would cost Bill a lot of $$, LOL. Hosting and streaming video is an expensive and complex business. ( YouTube ).
  16. Re: My ET contact experiences (discussions/Q&A panel etc.)

    Onyx Knight, who are your favorite SciFi authors ? Are you going to publish this ( in the form of a ) story ?!
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    Re: The Inelia thread

    When I was reading this article I had to think of Inelia. - Considering she is ( words fail to...
  18. Re: TRUMP'S BACK! Casting Doubt on Obama's Birth Certificate...Again!

    Michelle Obama has a staff of 12 people working for her ( friends mostly of course ). They won the election because he gave poor black people hope. Idle hope. He promised to 'get the troops back'. He...
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    Re: Help ... Alternative to Prozac needed

    Since your friend has been prescribed Prozac by a doctor we can safely assume he is showing signs of depression.

    What we don't know is the cause of depression. Broken marriage? Death of a loved...
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    Re:Inelia's full interview now published


    I know of one Spiritual Being that is widely known as "Source" ( and I think you owe a lot to him too ). Anyway, I read the following on ( ):

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