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  1. Re: Tell me about your day - please - a very brief report....

    My day started out grand, was happy doing chores, headed down hill to do some shopping around noon. Once in the store a pain on my side got a hold of me. It was cramping and I bent and breathed my...
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    Re: Mount Shasta's Forgotten History & Legends

    Hi Dustin,
    Thanks for sharing your work and information. I love finding out more about that area.
    My mom, sisters and I would make a yearly trip to shasta and stay on the mountain. Lots of...
  3. Re: Farewell Inelia Benz, welcome Franco DeNicola

    Thanks Pathwalker
    I so appreciate Inelia's work and although I'm sadden she won't be sharing her wisdom in public, I honor her for being a wonderful example of living the life of the authentic self....
  4. Re: Trinary Expressions No 8 - Louise Sutton with Bibi, Callista and Will

    Thank you for sharing this, Callista, and thanks to all the participants. You all capture the essence of now so well. It's like you've been hanging in my head. This taping into collective thought,...
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    Re: Farsight Institute - August RV results

    This may be nothing, but since it came up this week, and could relate Iíll add it.

    I know a person who does automatic writing. He shared a recent portion about a weapon that can be used like a...
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    Re: Past life triggers in infants

    When my children were first learning to talk they sounded like they had accents. My son sounded like he was from New York, and my daughter sounded like she was from Mexico. :)

    I agree about the...
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    Re: On being an EMPATH

    Thanks for starting the thread Lasuh.
    I have felt what you are talking aboutÖ that uncomfortable feelingÖ and itís not like you can bring up the discrepenciesÖ that could make it even more...
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    Re: Newbie to "old knowledge"

    Hi Neil, Welcome.

    What an awesome journey you have embarked on.

    My suggestion is in line with Lifebringer. Take care of yourself as you layer the information in. Youíll feel it stretch your...
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    Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    Thanks for posting these onawah. For me, the deep delving Iíve been doing recently into astrology has been off the hook. Iíve realized that as we evolve our astrology is evolving and becoming richer...
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    Re: Overwhelming Emotion

    I know what you are talking about. I have felt it in myself and have seen it in many people. For me, it was quite surprising when I couldnít even get a sentence out without the quivering of my vocal...
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    Re: We just got slammed (M5.2 earthquake, SoCal)

    This guy Dutchsinse predicted the east of San Diego quake(s) in his most recent video. I haven't been watching him that long, but his model for prediction seems to be getting results.

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    Re: Aging, the great equalizer

    Hi Doug,
    Iím 54 and wish I was still playing hockey. ☺
    Iíve had the same feeling where I try and determine what is age related and what is universally happening. Heck, my 80 yo mom had to remind me...
  13. Re: Mayan prophecy pinpoints April 28, 2016 for second coming?

    Thanks viking. Like morningsong, i haven't looked at this stuff in awhile. It's nice to revisit.

    Sidenote, but made me smile.
    Dr. Jose Arguelles Mayan Dreamspell Calendar poem for April 28th.
  14. Thread: Your Self.

    by tessfreq

    Re: Your Self.

    Thanks Zionbrion. I'm there with you.

    The amazement that there is a happy optimistic self inside is truly refreshing when youíve been depressed or following the doom and gloom for too long.
  15. Re: Should channelling possibly be one case where the baby is not worth saving bathwater-wise?

    One channeling group I was a part of encouraged all members to channel. One time three men took turns channeling their message from their named invisible person. It didnít resonant with me because it...
  16. Re: Art project 50 portraits of whistleblowers released

    Magnificent!!! Congratulations and thank you.

    Toast: May your honoring of whistleblowers spread, to not only give them their due, but to inspire more.
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    Re: Planetary Update - March 2016

    Thank you Camilo for posting this and thank you Bluegreen for video in post. Often videos donít work for me on youtube due to my outdated browser, but they always work here.

    I have not followed...
  18. Re: USA/Canada West Coast Massive spike in CO, CO2 and SO2 levels.. precursor to a big earthquake?

    Since I live within spitting distance of the san andreas fault, this got my attention. Went to earthquake site just in time see three small recent quakes in California. Grabbed phone, thinking i...
  19. Re: Should channelling possibly be one case where the baby is not worth saving bathwater-wise?

    I agree that the experience of believing predictions from channelers has not panned out. I have a tendency to think Nostradamus, if truly describing the future, could just as well be describing a...
  20. Re: Should channelling possibly be one case where the baby is not worth saving bathwater-wise?

    Thanks for this thread. Itís giving me a chance to really look at how I perceive this.

    Iíve been involved with channeling groups and information since the 90ís. Even though I have no scientific...
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