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  1. Heavy aluminum cloud over southern IL and IN on radar.

    Check this out. The article says it was military chaff, which...
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    Re: UFO Flap in Turkey today? [November 27/28, 2016]

    (Just kidding, see post below)

    Another related report:
  3. Lucid Dreaming, a painfully easy method for having them.

    (First off, not sure where to post this!)

    I've always been into lucid dreaming ever since I was in high school, which ironically enough was the only time that I was able to have them consistently....
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    Re: X-Files to return ? Yes

    There is no part 2 to the first episode, that was the whole episode. Tonight we are lucky enough to get the James Wong directed episode! Clip from the wiki:

    ""Founder's Mutation" was written and...
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    Re: X Files Reboot & Update: Disclosure of Deep Conspiracies

    Onawah, prepare to be disappointed. Episodes 1 & 6 are mythos, and the rest are monster of the week. :)

    Also, don't forget this show is created by people who are into this stuff and love the...
  6. Thread: Sleep paralysis

    by Fox

    Re: Sleep paralysis

    I love/hate this thread. I clicked on it before lying down and I had to get up and turn the lights back on. Sigh. Lol!
    I try to keep a cool head about it.

    Four days ago this happened to me, and...
  7. Re: May 5th / the Roswell alien slides to be released to all!

    Thanks for posting that here, I don't think I would have seen it otherwise!
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    Re: A channeled ET's description of what a UFO is

    If you're saying we don't know how many Essassani are speaking through humans here, that's true. His family, I'm pretty sure, have turned telempathic contact with races into careers because they dig...
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    You should consider taking screenshots of this thread whenever you make big posts and store them somewhere or with other people, just in case. We can do that, too. I commend your, excuse me, balls in...
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    Re: A channeled ET's description of what a UFO is

    Bashar usually nails it. He's the only channeled entity that I can fully support and recommend. I've never felt that anything he's said was negative in any way.
    Thanks for posting this and writing...
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    Re: ''In the name of Disclosure ...''

    Thanks for this post, Agape! If there's one, definite thing that I've learned in my two years post-"awakening," it's that after my perceptions of this world were shattered, my mind became extremely...
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    Re: Sustained Constant Ringing In Ears

    Both of my ears ring, can't remember when it started. Seems like it's always been there. It's very high pitched. It used to bother me a whole lot, to the point where I'd get way too frustrated with...
  13. Re: May 5th / the Roswell alien slides to be released to all!

    I have a feeling I was missing out on something! I kept clicking the link after I thought it ended, but each time was met with what seemed like commercials (at that point I was deliriously sleepy)....
  14. Re: May 5th / the Roswell alien slides to be released to all!

    I paid the $20 since it wasn't painful to do so, and I could barely stay awake as well. They only showed that one slide. Dolan never even got a chance to speak because they started late and it...
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    Re: How did you end up as a Project Avalon member?

    My tale is pretty simple. I Google'd "spiritual forum" after my experience as a last ditch effort to find something more. Didn't find much at the time from ATS and such. I was still bumbling around...
  16. Re: May 5th / the Roswell alien slides to be released to all!

    Looks like I'm going to go buy a pre-paid Visa card right now! The only downside of having closed my bank account, internet purchases.
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    Re: Pre-birth (and birth) memories..?

    Thank you very much for sharing that. Definitely not crazy. I had to get over that feeling of insanity after I experienced a state of bliss (samadhi, so I've been told). Lasted for a whole year and...
  18. Re: David Wilcock Presentation May 1st, 2015: Disclosure, Illuminati, ET's, Secret Space Program

    Just finished up listening to the audio tonight while at work. Had to turn off the vacuum and participate in the end mediation! This is my first time listening to anything (in length) from David. ...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    I had my first CE5 encounter tonight! AH! :clapping:

    Oh man! I'm still vibrating. I walked outside to go to work at about 9:45 this evening and I noticed there were no clouds and the sky was...
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    Re: In a lot of physical pain: please help

    Now that you have that experience under your belt, you're stronger for it! I'm very glad to hear you're doing better. Eye problems can be one of the most frightening things if you feel it's gone out...
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