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    A friend of Stina's has confirmed that Thomas Crown's accent is Mancunian. Steve Chapman, who was a member of the task force, lives a town away from Manchester.


    You can listen to his...
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    I'll post it for you. This is from Stina's Twitter.


    Stina also says that Joy is also a huge fan of Star Wars, which is where she got "Organa of Alderaan" from.

    Right back at you!...
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    Stina did a wonderful job exposing Joy Jackson as one of the main people behind Thomas Crown.

    She went over Kelly Farmer's screenshots, which were admitted to be genuine in one of Corey's legal...
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    Scientists have captured the "first" photo of the cosmic web, and Corey Goode is taking a victory lap over the "discovery." After all, he was the first person to talk about the cosmic web, right? No....
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode


    Clif High says he has sources on the dark web who are apparently the ones "stalking" Corey and even David. They claim to be undercover agents working in law enforcement. Clif says he...
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    Spooky just posted this image on Twitter. (She does the art for Groovie Bean's show, Reality Check.)


    In case you don't know...
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    Re: Laura Eisenhower's claims: who is she, really?

    Kevin Moore found out the truth about Laura's last name by ordering her birth certificate. Her birth name was indeed Laura Magdalene Bradshaw. Laura says her mother changed her last name to...
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    Re: Corey Goode's Fraud/Hoax vs the Public

    To answer the "who" part of your question, here is the complete list of known conferences and radio shows that have blacklisted Corey (for the reasons jcking expertly explained):

    New Living...
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    Here's another one of David's lies to add to the pile.

    I found out a few years ago that David's been lying about his IQ. Specifically, he's been lying through omission. He had his IQ tested twice...
  10. Re: Linda Moulton Howe calls out David Wilcock for Copyright Infringement

    Linda has apparently lost the copyright dispute, and David's video has been reinstated onto his channel, despite YouTube previously agreeing with Linda's copyright claim.
  11. Re: Teresa Yanaros /Divine Frequency Leaves Full Disclosure Project Today [2018-10-28]

    I don't think she's interested in exposing Corey anymore. She blocked someone after they confronted her on her old ties to Corey and Jordan Sather. She said she wants to distance herself from it all....
  12. Re: Teresa Yanaros /Divine Frequency Leaves Full Disclosure Project Today [2018-10-28]

    Teresa is BACK everyone! I just spotted her on Twitter.
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    Corey would know about anonymails. According to Jay Weidner, Jason Rice got fired because someone sent information to his employers, about his alleged experiences IMO. He's admitted to...
  14. Re: Problems with Mark Richards' SSP testimony to Kerry Cassidy

    I will just update this thread with the latest Kevin Moore videos.



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    In the first tweet Gemma posted, C.W. pointed out that Corey doxed his NJ State Bar Association contact by including her name and address in the photo. It's almost like that's his specialty. He even...
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    If you can't summarize your case at all, let alone summarize it in five minutes, you don't have a case.

    To quote someone else, he left "like an upset prom date." :ROFL:
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    Here are two screenshots C.W. presented during the debate which debunk Unirock's narrative that the Doxxgate screenshots were faked.

    Some backstory

    On day two of Doxxgate, Kelly presented a...
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    Unirock played Corey's long-awaited C.W. Chanter "evidence video" on his late-night stream. It was published on BitChute all the way back on June 29, and one of Unirock's fans stumbled upon it and...
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    Re: Corey Goode's death threats to a critic

    I found this collage in one of Yvonne's early videos exposing the cult of Corey Goode, SSP CULT of Goode SBA & affiliates the abuse, targeting: Walk Thru Process PART 2. It's unlisted, so you won't...
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    Here's the episode of Edge of Wonder referenced by C.W. where they wrongly claim that he has been served. They also incorrectly claimed that the person who was doxed was a federal employee, which...
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