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  1. ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall || Infowars Interview

    Dr. John Hall is a great source for truth when it comes to the TI reality. I have great respect for him. Found this tonight:

    Synopsis: The foremost author of the targeted...
  2. Re: Henning Witte interview Simon Parks about implants

    I try to not comment when I disagree with sources on Avalon anymore. Avalonians seem to dislike it(by observing thanks, although maybe they just dont want to take sides), and it makes people hate...
  3. Re: My Music for Free :) (With a new song I just made not long ago)

    Took a couple screenshots of my DAW for this latest song(Galactic Society) for anyone interested in what a music production software looks like for a finished song. I use the professional grade DAW...
  4. Re: My Music for Free :) (With a new song I just made not long ago)

    Made a song last night I named Galactic Society. It involves universal aspects related to the blond race i speak to, greys, and dracos to me(you might hear different). It is my favorite song on...
  5. Re: Will we ever have a theory of everything?

    I can say I understand the mechanics of all my beliefs on some level. End game science will eventually explain everything minus very few things.

    I was conveyed by ETs that they have...
  6. Re: Warp Drive Confirmed? EMDrive Warp Field Works In A Vacuum

    This is exciting news! Soon as we can travel to other star systems publicly, that very well could be a trigger for global first contact :) (unless its all NASA and they just say its all barren lol)
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    Re: Belief System Engineers

    Beautifully put ghostrider :) And thanks

    I love your name. It brought me good energy quiltinggrandma. :) I'm glad you find assistance here. Avalon has many nuggets of truth from time to...
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    Belief System Engineers

    I typically like to publish what I view as an interesting or good article on the 1st of the month to get things started. This time I decided to write about belief system engineers, which...
  9. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    His post, like mine there that have been deleted, was partly about how corey had been lying and/or fabricating things about him. Corey said he had logs, theruiner said so did he and he doesn't fear...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    Great story. I'm glad you are buzzing. :) I know the ETs I deal with would like the way you asked, that might have been a reason why they did it, other than they like you probably.

    They can...
  11. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    I have had several emails with theruiner, have him on skype now, and viewed him in videos. I have a good sense of character with people usually. Some are harder to discern, others are not. He...
  12. Re: Electrical engineer debunks free energy circuit

    We are surrounded by free energy. We just have to tap into it somehow :)
  13. Re: Technological Control of Chakra - Holographic Chakra (Video)

    lol thanks lucidity. I do know I have an uphill battle when it comes to becoming more known and I am not a fan of what fame brings. I will however continue on with my work :)
  14. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    I've seen you be critical of him, yet not mentioned a single thing you think is false. If he is a disinformation agent, what is the disinformation? What makes you think he is fake?
  15. Technological Control of Chakra - Holographic Chakra (Video)

    Made a new video last night, this time about technological control of chakra and holographic chakra:

    Technological Control of Chakra - Holographic Chakra
    Synopsis: Technological...
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    Re: Ebook in the Works (By Omnisense)

    This is the Book cover me and another guy came up with:
  17. Exoplanets: Exploring the Universe - Blog Series

    Decided to start a blog series called:
    Exoplanets: Exploring the Universe based on what I have been conveyed by Extraterrestrials in my many telepathic conversations with them...

    Here is the...
  18. Re: Profound Darkness Experience (Literal Darkness)

    Thanks for this Becky :)

    "the false light / dark paradigm."

    This is a wonderfully descriptive set of words. I like your wording.
  19. Re: Profound Darkness Experience (Literal Darkness)

    I wouldn't call what I experienced "Luciferian" when it came to the actual darkness experience. Although I'm sure Luciferians would be very interested in trying it...

    Metaphorical darkness has...
  20. Profound Darkness Experience (Literal Darkness)

    Had an amazing experience in 2012 with actual 'darkness'. I consider myself very lucky to have experienced it. I am quite sure this frequency or whatever it was is revered by Draco&co... It was...
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