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  1. Re: Electronic Telepathy Patents and Public Science

    While focusing on electronic telepathy may distract from natural telepathy, the toying around with telepathy in general is a wonderful thing, I reckon.

    Take this patent for example:

  2. Re: Alex Jones receives critique by "his own supporters"

    1) Alex isn't even featured in the video above, except in the ad at the end.

    2) This video is criticizing the idea of mass deportation of illegal immigrants, suggesting it would lead to a race...
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    Re: Pope Francis: This is good stuff

    You're most likely to swallow poison if it's mixed with something that's actually tasty. The poison I see coming from this pope are the promotion of the idea of man-made climate change, the...
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    Re: The Reincarnation Trap

    Look at life on Earth, and see how it can be a deceptive travail. Can be, but doesn't have to be. Can also be free, creative, and full of joy and beauty. Can souls get trapped? Well, as above—so...
  5. Aussie student proves existence of plasma tubes floating above Earth
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    Re: How do you all keep motivated??

    Doing stuff that I love. Getting into the flow.

    Be good to yourself, otherwise it'll be hard to be good to anyone else. Enjoy, otherwise it'll be hard to enjoy you.
  7. Re: There is a link between climate change and terrorism

    Climate Change — Overpopulation — Terrorism — Financial and Economical Crisis

    Pick any one of them and see how it furthers any other. The answer? Centralized control. Voilà. That's how the "powers...
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    Re: Do Demons exist?

    I recently stumbled upon the etymology of demon. The Greek word "daímōn" translates as "dispenser," "god," and "protective spirit." Happiness that is not primarily focused on self-gratification (i.e....
  9. Re: MEMEX : 'Google search on steroids' (which may or may not be a good thing...)

    When they say 95% of the web is invisible to major search engines, does that include password restricted areas such as mail accounts and private hangouts? Does Memex try to index that or what?

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    Re: Best place in the world to live?

    I had emigrated to Mongolia, lived there half a year as an English teacher, came back because the new-paradigm projects in Europe were more buzzing and were something for me to get involved in....
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    Commercial for lobby group conditioning Americans for civil unrest?

    by Paul Joseph Watson | April 28, 2015 | Infowars

    A bizarre PSA put out by lobby group AARP now being broadcast...
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    Re: Germany's Saluting the Whistleblowers

    Well, it looks like a temporary installation to me. Made by an Italian. The German government's stance towards whistleblowers is to not get into any serious criticism of the US and to refer to their...
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    Re: Exams are brainwashing us?

    There's a whole world of state-enforced nonsense that you're supposed to condone, uphold and engage with in order to prevent negative repercussions from the state or its agents. School,...
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    Re: Dalai Lama self-identifies as a Marxist

    I respect what you say. But for me it's all about the details. I also think that there's an important difference between seeing the same spirit in Jesus and Buddha, and genuinely mistaking Jesus for...
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    The Curious Case of Satanism

    I'm confronted with something I didn't expect to see and I'd appreciate your insights to figure this out.

    After having read much about satanic ritual abuse through the so-called elites, and after...
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    Re: "Helping People" Without Them Asking

    Being there and speaking giraffe, helping never felt so good.

  17. Re: Guardian: German anger over Greek demand for war reparations

    The issue is central banking and government spending, that's the same for all countries. It's the people vs bankers and governments. As soon as you shift attention towards nation vs nation, as...
  18. Re: Guardian: German anger over Greek demand for war reparations

    Tsipras is doing his country a disservice. While reparations might not have been paid in full, it's now a minor issue, charged with low-tone emotions. Bringing that up couldn't solve anything...
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    Re: Dolores Cannon Hypnosis students/ Abduction

    I took one of Dolores's classes, and it's certainly an interesting technique. Could work for you. There are so many processing tools, I'm sure you will find one if you keep looking. Good luck, and...
  20. The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave

    (—Light behaves both as a particle and as a wave. Since the days of Einstein, scientists have been trying to directly observe both of these aspects of light at the same time. Now, scientists...
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