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  1. Re: Global Population is headed down, not up!

    Next year here in the state of Michigan , our state population will have for the first time more citizens over the age of 65 than younger than 18 years old. I believe we will be the first state in...
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    Re: CO2 is greening the earth

    Its a 3 minute narration or sobriety,

    Charlton Heston read this speech on the Air of the Rush Limbaugh Show. He is reading an edited version of a...
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    Re: Baghdadi Killed, the Real Story

    There were 14 children in that compound, our special forces removed 11 of them to safety but the other 3 were others were led to their grave by Baggy. Why would someone of such terrorist status have...
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    Re: Is CIVIL WAR in America coming?

    President Trump is not getting impeached and all these daily articles on civil war are only on the minds of these of the lunatic media that speak of polls of 7 out of 10 Americans worry about a civil...
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    Re: Wormwood is now visible This photo was the day before that other guy in the video took his shot on oct 2, this one was...
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    Wormwood is now visible

    6 minute video, I'm a welder by trade, A number# 14 lens is the darkest lens you want to use when welding and #8 the absolute lightest....
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    Re: Who will win the US presidency in 2020?

    I'm certainly not saying Prez Trump is the savior of all time, far from it. I thought it was pretty rotten to say things about Philadelphia that it was a disgrace, I really did . But then days later...
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    Re: Who will win the US presidency in 2020?

    When President Trump just visited Minnesota for a rally, 20,000 were in attendance, 25,000 were outside of the auditorium , and 100,000 applied for tickets for the event. The wack job media is doing...
  9. Re: Bill's turn ............ Donate .......................

    Ramus, the donation link doesn't pop up , can you please check.
  10. Re: World-Wide City Population Changes by End of 2019

    Looking at what one of my friends told me about the shift and having some dialog with warren, It is my belief that as we live in this matrix so to speak and some going thru a shift in 2012,others...
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    Re: Turmoil in Ecuador

    Anybody heard from Bill Ryan since this started?
  12. Re: Reserve US Marines activated in claimed imminent US coup attempt

    Soooooo, as Newton law states about every action has an equal reaction , I am guessing something is coming up here in the u.s.
    1 the Fed is spooning out cash to banks like ice cream out of a...
  13. Re: Financial flows: moves, changes and significant events

    In an interview I heard recently they said JP Morgan bank has 830 million ounces of silver and 25 million ounces of gold. How does that integrate with all of this going on especially the daily...
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    Re: Zetas are infected

    I would submit to you that there are more than 1 billion good people on this earth, maybe 1 billion connected and dialed in people with that number growing may be a better statement, I see many...
  15. Baby monkey shakes with fear as he's snatched from parents to be used in British lab

    So with the scientists pounding their chest about AI , I would like to know why in the hell are we still experimenting on life forms since we are so called so advanced now?? Or is it like here in the...
  16. Re: What would you do ? If you get the chance for meeting God ?

    I would ask him "Why did you invent shovels to dig holes?Why did you invent paint to spray? and why did you create an occupation of an attorney who does nothing but misdirect for their own personal...
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    Re: Paul McCartney really is Dead

    I watched this on the tv last night and James Corden asked Sir Paul about exactly this very topic, He did answer the claims and was very candid about where they came from. I tried to find that clip...
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    Re: Reminder : Full moon coming up.......

    Well with all the energy that's floating around in this world right now , from negative, to evil, to beautiful to dynamic we might as well throw the full moon in there and see what happens. Its a...
  19. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    Found this on Hals site- interesting take.

    Hal Turner...
  20. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    Well we all knew this was coming didn't we? It was just a question of when? Too many people were to be on the block and it would have been much easier to get rid of the orchestra leader. I'm sure...
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