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    Re: Am I under illegal house arrest?

    The Control of Diseases (1984) Act which ultimately is supposed to give authority to the lockdown enforcement as I understand it, doesn't seem to allow for the quarantining of the domestic...
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    Re: Do you wear a face mask?

    This is a really great commentary on face masks. Goes deep into mesh-guages and what really gets through, or stops virus particles at various distances. Also touches on food and drink consumption...
  3. Re: Whilst We Are All Distracted By The Coronavirus....

    5G is springing up everywhere. I think it's needed to track these:
    (Well, seems more likely than for streaming hi-res video to pedestrians...
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    Re: Pentagon did release UFO videos

    To lets see.

    1. They've publicly stated that it's "Unidentified".
    2. It's clearly "Flying"
    3. It's clearly an "Object"

    So what are the implications of this...
  5. Re: Official Court Case Against The 'Cabal' Clinton Obama Biden Gates Etc

    An "indictment" is an accusation. It means someone has accused someone of something.

    If you have too much pocket money and don't know what it do with it then for entertainment and target practice,...
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    Re: CIA Tweet Today !!

    The CIA are pretty good at releasing classified stuff on the quiet. For example it might surprise people to know that the best evidence that Wi-Fi radiation of all types including 5G is damaging to...
  7. Sticky: Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus [Covid-19, the Honey Badger virus]

    Has anybody posted this yet ?

    "Mass arrests" back on the cards.
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    Re: The Reason Gobekli Tepe Was Buried 8,000 BC

    There's also a large volcanic crater that's only really seen from the air, in a very beautiful and remote spot in the west Scottish highlands called the Ardnamurchan peninsula.
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    Re: The Reason Gobekli Tepe Was Buried 8,000 BC

    @greybeard, when I was a kid (around 13) I played the Euphonium in the Invernesshire wind ensemble at Eden Court Theatre. That would have been around 1977 just a year or two after it was built. I...
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    Re: 2389 Unseen 9/11 Ground Zero Pics

    Well that seems to nail it.
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    Could you be a little less dramatic ?

    He didn't attack your "country". He said he was unhappy with the Canadian negotiating position in their trade talks on agriculture amongst other things.
  12. Re: New updates from David Wilcock (8 Sept and 27 Oct 2018)

    David Wilcock is the Bernie Madoff of the delusional hopium market. Only difference is he probably didn't make quite so much money.

    The "Mass arrests" and "Sealed indictments" lines sure have been...
  13. Re: Joseph Farrell: The Titanic, age-old Struggle between the Globalists and the Nation State (15 June 2018)

    Thanks @Bluegreen. Hadn't heard of him.
    Thought they were referring to an Argentinian football ("soccer") player ;)

  14. Re: Joseph Farrell: The Titanic, age-old Struggle between the Globalists and the Nation State (15 June 2018)

    Who is "Lionel" ?
  15. Re: Sao Paolo Skyscraper Collapse and its Strange Relation to 911

    Looked like a controlled demo to me.

    You can see the charges all going off up the side of the building just prior to collapse. There's no compression yet but that seam explodes at all floors...
  16. Re: L.A. Marzulli claims disclosure is imminent

    I find it perplexing that, with 8.7 Million species on earth, people are still looking elsewhere for the presence of "aliens". Where exactly do folks think those 8.7 million distinct lifeforms are...
  17. Re: FINALLY sealed indictments UNSEALED (maybe)!

    1. Someone shows David Seaman a piece of paper
    2. David Seaman opens a bottle of Champagne
    3. Voila! Mass arrests.
  18. Re: Forecast: Great Global Depression begins 2018; Trump and Euro skeptics will be blamed. Qanon is part of the distraction.

    Good post.

    b.t.w. Tom Luongo has a really great, must-listen commentary on the rising Libor rate.
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    Re: Dutch Time-lapse Chemtrails, 24 Feb 2018

    The upper air temperature profile archives for that day show almost a 20 degree temperature difference in only 10000 feet of altitude in the airspace over Holland. (Unsigned temperatures shown are...
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    Re: False Missile Alert over Hawaii

    I understood that the NSA has a huge data store in Hawaii to which Trump needed access as part of his "deep state" witchhunt and has not been able to access it. This one:...
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