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  1. Re: The Writings On The Walls... Any Needs For Translation?

    I wish I could. My heart is always in the right place, but the money is "never there." So that just makes me feel even worse when something as simple as money can help, and I'm shut out. Seems...
  2. Re: The Writings On The Walls... Any Needs For Translation?

    They shined the color and hate banners and while the crescendo was building, they slipped in plenty of nooses for the average guy, and put the fix on the judiciary where they get off and we get tied...
  3. Re: The Writings On The Walls... Any Needs For Translation?

    I really do believe it's time to hit them in the pocket and just do veggies, fruit, and root plants with leaves. I can fish and if they haven't robbed every fresh water hole they live in, then I can...
  4. Re: New Alien Music Video - Stole The Show

    Time to play my theme song.

    It's about time!
  5. Re: Question to Avalon Forum: Do You Know When You Will Die?

    We die everyday as our old cells go and new ones are replaced. Can you imagine if none ever got replaced after serving their purpose? We wouldn't be here, that's for sure.
  6. Re: Many empty Cities in China - Japan may be in trouble soon

    I knew this was coming. What took them so long? 4 years to evacuate or get them to safety? I think if the cabal hadn't messed in their affairs, they would have been closer by now, and immediate...
  7. Re: Google "Bill Clinton rape" // Meet The Clintons (Corbett Report) // Cinton Foundation Links //Bengazi cover up

    It is why at all times, for something as important as a National Leader of the People, that the "{real}" vetting, not because of party, but because they are human and react as such, must be in that...
  8. Re: realistic military training slated for 7 states

    That map key certainly is interesting.
  9. Re: Official Inauguration of Swiss Space Systems (S3) Croatia

    I see a good way to put orbital components and parts assembled in space to make orbiting hotels or peaceful views to calm some of that ego down. LOL
    GPS magnetic assembly all fired with the same...
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    Can't get you w/the vaccines, they'll make you eat their toxic lab experiments. Where's the "free will" in that? It's seriously time for divine intervention from the one and only most high creator....
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    Re: City floating in the blackness of space

    I remember seeing this in that paper and it made me buy it to investigate the journalistic truth of it? The person is from NASA and it wasn't long after that, Podesta and Clinton began asking...
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    Looks like those "crumbs left behind to follow, aren't so hard to follow after all. Especially the kill the leader to create martyrs. Kennedy, Malcolm, King, Kennedy, Wellstone, and they all match...
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    Re: Hand of Death (Vision)

    IMO "One of the 10 plagues of egypt for the 1st born to die in the house of Egypt, when Pharoah ordered the 1st born of the Hebrews killed. They had to put lamb's blood on the door posts. There is a...
  14. Re: Sons of Creator vs. Sons of "the Lord" (Video)

    What about Alzheimers?

    Oh, it's a coded sentence and who's toto? The translation says that toto has alzheimers? Very interesting.Route 21 NJ the J backwards indicating read it that way? Hmmm.
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    Ever since that crash and discovery of the symbols on the side of the craft in Roswell. They've been secretly digging up every artifact and ET technology they can get their hands on, as well as the...
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    So which advisors gave him information that this was possible and brokered that transition. Clinton, Kerry? Who on the committee of intelligence gave them that go ahead to broker this? Those...
  17. Re: An important petition that you might want to sign

    I was set up to be wrongully terminated and had to fight it with unemployment. I won with the job's own specialist witness "they" brought. That was truly an egg on their face moment, but I loved...
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    Re: MSM: Is President Vladimir Putin dead?

    With the BRICS moving in the financial controls for development and anti-poverty programs, they've always met in secret. That last time the cabal knew, their "yacht party" was crudely interrupted,...
  19. Re: GMO Right Wing Shill Gets His A** Handed to Him by a 14 Year Girl

    They are awake, born awake, it's the system that seeks to silence them at this time, or present "dumming down foods of lack" in nutrition. Since when is the company worried about the product if the...
  20. Re: GMO Right Wing Shill Gets His A** Handed to Him by a 14 Year Girl

    God the Creator has truly blessed us with these children, and we must ensure, they have every opportunity to bring in their prosperity, without monopolized gamesters stealing their retirement or...
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