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    I stopped reading at the part that said according to Nasa LOL who the hell trust any info coming from nasa that frequents this website?Anything that comes from nasa is a lie gimme a break heh!
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    Re: Water in Green Bottles...

    Blue is the right choice to energize your water in the sun blue glass !
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    Re: The Mandela Effect and alternative timelines

    How is it that no one is talking about this??This is some serious stuff,i also remember mandela dying in the 80's!!
  4. Re: update from David Wilcock 2015-09-24: Spontaneous Ascension: Stunning New Evidence

    I have to concur there,nothing else to say/see,september is about to end and nothing happened,so much smoke and mirrors its not even funny
  5. Re: Why smart phones should be illegal for under-16s

    Smart phones are the demise of mankind period!I wont elaborate cause i said this before but seriously these devices are bad and if people knew about all the negative effects that they bring to our...
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    Re: The Philosopher's Stone

    You are so right about the Cell phone towers,everywhere i go everyday even in my work i see all the people with their smart phone devices and i see that every single one of them is under a very...
  7. Re: Remote Viewing...............The Real Deal..............

    Mars has blue skies and also trees in different colors as well.if we knew about what is really there it would blow our minds and be a game changer to mankind but that stuff is never gonna go public...
  8. Re: Mr Robot, new conspiracy hacker anonymous rebel tv show. Im so hooked

    Its a great show ,but there has to be an agenda as to why a major tv network is bringing this kind of thing up now just like that??
  9. Re: Bases 46: Transhumanism, DNA Technology, Chemtrails, Alien AI and Black Goo

    Thank you for posting these,i just finished watching all 3 videos,its 210 in he morning here LOL,i just could not go to sleep until i was done watching it all,fascinating stuff very deep,i liked it a...
  10. Re: Bill Ryan in my new documentary 'Alien Reptilian Legacy', released March 2016

    When is this documentary coming out,that teasing is going to kill me lol?Give us a release date please?
  11. Re: CNN: Richard Rockefeller, great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, dies in plane crash

    This is great news one less elite scum for us to worry about it LOL!!Too bad he didnt have some other relatives with him,anyway it could be a hit or it could be just that an accident we will never...
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    Re: Whats with this weather?

    I have a feeling this will be the weirdest coldest summer of all times,my gut tells me the planet is cooling down bigtime due to our pilaging and raping of mother earth,the madness will go on and on...
  13. Re: Alien Agenda - You don't know the half of it!

    To be honest i dont think that blood has anything to do with our right to be in the planet,a lot of people say we choose to be here,i am not so sure about that choice myself,maybe we were put here...
  14. Re: TPTB have been Formally Served: Cease & Desist Order

    You would think if thats a real legal document he would at least spell the word conspiracy right,dont you think?Plus i got one question who does this Neil keenan guy represents?This guy has been at...
  15. Re: Movie INK - (The dispute between the Astral and Material for Souls)

    I watched this movie on netflix back in 2009 or 2010,and i will never forget what an amazing emotional journey that it was,it brought so many things from deep inside of me,there is a very deep human...
  16. Re: Are you afraid of the Dark? You might be after watching THIS!!!

    The resolution on the video is of horrendous quality,cant even see what the heck is it heh...
  17. Re: Project Camelot latest interview 2014-02-12: CAMELOT IN MALTA WITH BRIEN FOERSTER, SEAN DAVID MORTON AND MORE...

    Thanks for the link,thats very interesting stuff,i am gonna keep my eye on it,hopefully it wont get sabotaged by TPBT,we shall see...
  18. Re: Project Camelot latest interview 2014-02-12: CAMELOT IN MALTA WITH BRIEN FOERSTER, SEAN DAVID MORTON AND MORE...

    Why cant someone do some DNA tests on some of these skulls to try and figure out if these things where 100 per cent humans or not?I mean we got the tech to do it now whats the hold up??
  19. Re: The "not so perfect" twin-flame / twin-soul relationship

    I will be 42 in may,been divorced for 7 years,haven't had anything to do with women ever since,now dont get me wrong i got nothing against women but i got some real deep scars that i doubt will ever...
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    Re: Alleged UFO filmed in Germany on Dec. 2013

    Its hard to tell,why was the image blurred out when they had the aliens near the craft?
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