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    There's something really strange about the fires in Australia. Although probably not directly responsible, the idiotic policies of The Greens (quasi-communists) certainly haven't helped.

  2. Re: The Grey "Jeremy" posting through the individual Dawn65

    This is a crazy communist society. Full stop! One world government, yeah, I'm all for that as long as I am supreme rule of planet earth! I do not consent to being ruled over by others. Enough is...
  3. Re: Paris zoo unveils the "blob", an organism with no brain but 720 sexes

    How can this be proven scientifically by repeated experimentation?

    I think this blob has to be destroyed. Seriously!
  4. Re: Bank of Canada considers eliminating cash to better track individuals

    By all means proceed. News of the day from Australia and this is common all over the world. They can never do this until they get unbreakable software and as a software developer, maintainer and...
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    Re: The secret of immortality

    Let's assume we live forever or a very long time on this plane and planet. What happens if we suffer a catastrophic accident? Do we then have to spend thousands of years in a handicapped state,...
  6. Re: The Information War is Over and We Have Lost

    That's exactly why major sites are censored. If you're looking for any topic on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. — especially if it's a controversial topic — you will find very different...
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    Re: ENGLAND Today (08 Aug 2019)

    It's called cultural enrichment and DIEversity. They seem to have forgotten that the old saying was, "united we stand, divided we fall". You dare not oppose it as the penalty is quite severe - they...
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    Re: Psychic Surgery: it's real, and it works

    Maybe it's real sometimes but when they can't pull it off, they fake it. That's what Uri Geller supposedly did.[/QUOTE]

    Understandable. And this is what James Randi relies on with his million...
  9. Re: Don't be a Rabbit in the Headlights: Reincarnation discussions

    There is also that recent video from Wes Penre explainig the trend towards Transhumanism making the existing reincarnation traps obsolete because when all spirits are trapped in a forever living...
  10. Re: Revealed: Zuckerberg's and Facebook's DARPA origins

    Facebook is overwhelmingly boring and full of narcissists who post selfies oozing with "look at me, look at me, look how good I am" sentiments. It is useful as a messenger application, but there are...
  11. Re: A Cancer Cure Has Gotten Out Of Control And Has Spread Beyond The Confines Of Modern Medicine

    Of course fungus and parasites LOVE toxins or garbage. They thrive on them.
    Some round worms are known to be energized by dioxin which is fatal to humans.

    And there are always several species of...
  12. Re: A Cancer Cure Has Gotten Out Of Control And Has Spread Beyond The Confines Of Modern Medicine

    Are you implying we have to treat the 4 different types with different methods and treatments?
  13. Re: Oxford University professor is backing up David Jacobs: supports bugs taking over idea

    I think the connection you may be looking for is that those, like us, who believe in ETs, UFOs, metaphysics et al. do not really believe in climate change/global warming. So by bringing in ETs into...
  14. Re: Oxford University professor is backing up David Jacobs: supports bugs taking over idea

    The idea of saving us from climate change (a tautology) is very, very silly. There were palm trees in Antarctica and I will only consider worrying about climate catastrophe when once again palm trees...
  15. Re: Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris

    What about the historically paedophilic, murderous and grossly hypocritical farce of the demonic religion that did this? No matter what you say about the Christian religion, it's founder is a force...
  16. Re: [Documentary] The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire

    I watched it and it's brilliant. I like the concept as I believe taxation = theft. Taxation, especially in western countries, also goes to the government thieves to enable them to cause murder and...
  17. Re: 'This is about saving capitalism': the Dutch historian who savaged Davos elite

    I am opposed to taxation. It is a form of theft and it impoverishes more people than we realise. It also is a motivating factor for really rich people to expatriate their assets to the detriment of...
  18. Re: David Icke Banned from Entering Australia Ahead of Tour .....

    Oh, but the Americans love our accent say the dumbed down Aussies. Pathetic, truly pathetic. There must be some legal action available to take out on these 2 criminals in politics and that's exactly...
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    Re: GOTTA LOVE JOHN LEAR , at least 50/50

    Project Camelot witness 'Henry Deacon' (real name Arthur Neumann) told me personally that John's information was about 80% accurate. (And I'd agree.)[/QUOTE]That's actually excellent of you consider...
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    Re: The Future of Internet Forums

    I'm a member of 6 forums and lurk on many more. It's where I get the news I consider important. I observe those who walk around in a zombified state looking at social media and quite frankly I'm not...
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