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    Re: Big market correction coming Sept\Oct !

    UK banks did some major stress testing last year as preparation for a Grexit. The biggest faultline is Deutsche Bank's exposure to derivatives (not many are aware of this) which is greater than the...
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    Re: I am invisible ...

    Bill you are a card. :sun:
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    We might even call it a brand. ;)

    I'd be interested to hear a little more reg the 'finger print'....
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    The missions to the Himalaya are well worth looking into. They believed in a 'sky bridge' hidden there that led to the realm of their 'hidden masters'. That the 'masters' sometimes interacted with...
  5. Re: Alan Watts answers some of my concerns (all is well)

    Alan is one of the best out there. Crucial and wholly informative listening for those who can tune their ears. :)

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    I personally don't think it's imminent, but more on-going. Cyprus is really small but in certain ways it might be the 'canary in the coal mine'. It's pretty clear that the 'big boys' took their money...
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    Re: Is conciousness really what creates matter?

    Matter breaks down and becomes consciousness - which re-arranges it again as matter. Matter can only exist in the frequency or medium that consciousness provides. What is being created re-creates...
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    Re: What we may be here to do

    I find there are dozens of situations every week where my attention is drawn and I feel I can intervene and make a positive difference. It used to be that when I was younger I was quite unaware that...
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    Re: So ... an October surprise on the way, eh?

    Romney was at Bilderberg this year.
  10. Re: The Middle East is under attack and doesn't fight back

    They don't have a platfrom in 'the west' for counter propoganda in much the same way that america bought up most of the distribution system for cinema in europe and use this as a
    conduit for all...
  11. Re: The Morphogenetic Fields. 'Everything is everything'.

    "We're balls of light, we're spheres of light!" :wizard:
  12. Re: Is This Why the Europeans Don't Get Sick Like Americans Do?

    One of the best things about the UK is free basic healthcare for everybody. The NHS as it stands turns out to be quite efficent as well when compared to say Germany and its money grabbing insurance...
  13. Re: The Morphogenetic Fields. 'Everything is everything'.
  14. Re: The Morphogenetic Fields. 'Everything is everything'.

    Great post M.

    The strange thing is that I have been vagely aware of 'the field' now for about a decade or so, for me it manifested itself in the form of synchronicity and chance meetings - or...
  15. Re: The Morphogenetic Fields. 'Everything is everything'.

    What am I listening to?

  16. The Morphogenetic Fields. 'Everything is everything'.

    Quick primer:

    Full length lecture:
  17. Re: 500.000.000 people to survive devastating world catastrophe...?

    Virus and epidemic and plague and so on is too random (poor and unpredictable dispertion and take up rates - resistence developing). It will almost certainly be something genetic ie the turning...
  18. Re: Conspiracy: Why do some believe and others not? What will it take to open eyes?

    Totally agree. Personal experience is the best trigger, if not the most long lasting. Everything that I can truly know derives from what happens to me personally or those I love.


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    “The veterans are aware of their status as the ‘stepchildren’ of polite American society, a sense that’s enhanced by their abysmal treatment upon returning,” he posits. Because America’s decision to...
  20. Re: Secret British Royal family VETO on new laws exposed!!

    Even Richard Branson couldn't swing that. :rolleyes:
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