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    Re: Times are a-changing - again

    Any more arguments about how we live in the free western world?
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    Re: Black Lives Matter

    I am not the enemy.

    I was not born with an original sin. My heritage is not my shame.

    Why do we need a banner or a cross? Can't we all just get along? We are in the same boat and share a...
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    Re: When men were men & women were feminine

    I am also outraged but not at all surprised because that is where this sort of minority/counter-racism must end up.

    It is insanity to consider minority representation as a priority for anything...
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    Re: Black Lives Matter

    I would not allow teachers to get away with their crap in the classroom. When I thought they were wrong I said so, which was often. I wonder if I would have allowed such a malicious group to parade...
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    Re: Has microbial life been found on Venus?

    How interesting.

    Based on the doubling of the distance to the sun between planetary orbits, I was wondering if anything is mentioned about Earth`s rather strange location...
  6. Re: Materialistic Science, Scientific Materialism... and Truth

    Okay, Onawah, I get it. I remember what spun off this thread, now.

    The problem seems to be in the interpretation of the data collected in general. The data is immediately tagged with the current...
  7. Re: What's the real root of that bad decision you made?

    In my life, Bill, I can narrow what happened down to a one hour session in September 2003. Had I not gone to that Advanced Kundalini Class, a one on one with the master, I would have been a...
  8. Re: Canada given until 1st October to relax Covid madness

    I swore I'd not post in the covid threads anymore but one more time...

    If you catch this flu your chances of survival are 99.6%! No more should need to be said.

    But, of course,...we got Billy...
  9. Re: What's the real root of that bad decision you made?

    True Duk, very true.

    Until you reach your sixties, and most of life is behind you. Then you start thinking about what could have been and what happened. My first thought about Bill was...welcome...
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    I force stopped google on my android. Very irritating but what can one do otherwise? Now I get no notifications, no messages, and no phone calls list. Often my phone doesn't even ring anymore, and I...
  11. Re: Materialistic Science, Scientific Materialism... and Truth

    Metaphysics means 'beyond science' so I wouldn't call it a demotion.

    The title, framed as it is, is a negative discussion, since if the truth is the side of opposition then materialism must...
  12. Re: Canada given until 1st October to relax Covid madness

    Masks are mandatory indoors in Toronto. And our premier, Doug Ford, just announced a turn around in the easing of the lock down. Now, groups of ten or more are again illegal, with a $10,000 fine for...
  13. Re: Materialistic Science, Scientific Materialism... and Truth

    All I know for sure right now is that I am very unsure of most things at the moment.

    This thread could be inserted in the cognitive dissonance thread without even derailing it as a good...
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    Re: Extreme Covid measures in Australia

    Australia is China's puppet. Basically owned by China. Right behind is Canada. I think because Australia is closer to China, it has been targeted the hardest. China is leading this world wide charge...
  15. Re: Are we here more than just this instance?

    I understood you just fine, Craig.

    Some say each decision spins off a new universe, with a new version of 'you' taking the choice not chosen. That's a lot of 'you's. If the same is for everyone,...
  16. Re: Plans in advance of your wish to die in the event of...

    Dear East Sun,

    I could not just go by this thread without comment.

    I am in a similar situation and I can give a bit of advice.

    First, tell no one of your decisions, whatever they may be. Any...
  17. Re: Materialistic Science, Scientific Materialism... and Truth

    While materialists look to label and define the culprit, thereby making it real, the truthers want to expose the root of the entire agenda, thereby making the virus inconsequential.

    Because this...
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    Re: The Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry

    My mind is slowly turning round to this idea again. It seems timely.

    I recently woke from a dream, and I rarely remember dreams, having solved how to manually trisect a line.

    This from the...
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    Re: Something from Nothing

    What if, like the concept of the one mind, there is only one thing, one energy, one time, one space, one dimension?

    What if, in that oneness, in the One Mind using the One Consciousness, all...
  20. Re: Study Proves Gov Wrong on 9/11 and 3rd Building Collapse

    The pan cake theory almost had me. Except that the pan cake theory relies on overcoming the resistance of each floor, as it is crushed by the floors above. And resistance takes time to over come. But...
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