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  1. Re: ETs Want To Help Mankind (Paul Hellyer, Russia Today)

    I have always felt that the longer we hurt each other and speak with different causes we will never get the open contact. What is the use of communication with so many different views. All want to...
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    Re: I just found out, I might be a psychic?

    I always felt that we are all psychic, but with the complete ability in any area.
    We are are not though, automatically clear, in the the area of acceptance.
    Weather it being from conditioning from...
  3. Re: Dunno about you people but I think we are making a big mistake.

    every problem is an opportunity for a solution.
    thanks for the support people, with these thoughts, glad im not alone.
    There is a lot of work to do.
  4. Dunno about you people but I think we are making a big mistake.

    Dont get me wrong, but there is so much dissinfo,missinfo and lies and fake history's and not to even mention the cover ups, black projects, corruption,false teachings and power mad,money mad,killing...
  5. Re: Lesson: A Look at Who Else Is 'Co-Opting' Spain's Banking Woes & Bailout..!

    Thanks jackovesk,just to update the unemployment, the national is 27% and the town that i live (oppox 50.000)has 51%. its staggering, people in general take it well and conform easily,In one hand...
  6. Re: Disclosure Imminent - Breaking News: Baltic Sea Anomaly

    thanks seam.
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    Re: Lightning storm question

    Saw a massive storm of lightning years ago in australia it was close to the coast. it was so impresive i left the highway to observe it was right in front of me ,no sound ,no wind just a...
  8. Thread: The EGG theory.

    by tonton

    Re: The EGG theory.

    THANKYOU,Toad for this thread, its been an interesting journey!
    Kirk na nananananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Thread: The EGG theory.

    by tonton

    Re: The EGG theory.

    Thankyou, Kreagle,The perception of one and there for there interpretation of the same will never be equal or the same for all.
    It is not something that bothers me as I see others with equally...
  10. Re: Words: Book 4 Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon

    WhiteFeather ,thanks for this and the many threads of yours that have enriched me.
    On this forum i dont seem to contribute much at all,as at times i feel that i am with masters at work, connecting...
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    Re: Question about the 150 MPG carburettor

    good luck on your project........i guess its not luck that will be running it , just water and common sense. An idea has been running through my head lately,on this subject . When i have it clear I...
  12. Thread: The EGG theory.

    by tonton

    Re: The EGG theory.

    I dont feel its about a God thing.Because god terminology ends up going toward some leader figure of our own making.......To me this is an" US" thing......or a" YOU" "ALL" thing.
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    Re: The Return of Robert Morning Sky

    Remembering Robert Morning Sky, from a conference in Australia 16 years ago i think. He was a charismatic type (very american). He was a dancer and to my surprise he spoke more of Roswell and black...
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    Re: Do you see outlines of humanoid people?

    life is perception,nothing more.
    how long has this being happening?
    have you changed the way you look at things,like life,your past or the way you see yourself now or perceive your future?
    if your...
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    Hope to catch up,if your into it.

    As I was not able to get to the U:K: meet up ,I was left kicking myself for not trying harder. Anyways, I'm going to Australia for a month from the 23rd of June and wondered if there were enough...
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    Re: 5 th MAY London UK Meet Up

    Really wanted to be there,Im so glad all went well. sounded rewarding. the freedom at last to connect in person with some open (opening) minded people who are just like yourselves. People are keen...
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    Re: Fukushima is falling apart: are you ready?

    my hart goes out to us all,

    reading this and other threads and having a few days to absorb the impact in my mind, i think maybe i see some things that are starting to connect, at least with me.
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    Re: Posting Pet Peeves

    sorry ,not the best on a keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!, but i make the best pizzas.if you like i could supervise the pizza talk and put it straight.
  19. Re: You are all suspects now. What are you going to do about it? -- JOHN PILGER

    will fight long and hard, as my soul now hardens so does so does my strength.the nuclear situation in japan is at the moment , by far, the most import problem ,the political and social issues of this...
  20. Re: Anonymous claims to have proof of 'inter-dimensional' aliens.

    in the third vidio, he spohe trueths , that are shared by all walks, and words encouraging the obvoius,from our own human nature.
    there is nothing he said that i myself have not said, thought and...
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