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    Re: The Avalon Forum Interview of Bill Ryan

    That is weird! I was eating banana pudding when I was watching it.[/QUOTE]

    And me, I was eating a banana too. ;)
  2. Re: Researchers Announce Discovery of Site of Fabled City of Atlantis

    Thank you Ahkenaten for this link. Very interesting! Will look forward to following this story
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    Re: The Number 222

    Thank you TheTwo for starting this thread!
    ...and thanks Meeredas for this post:

    It made me laugh because what jumped out for me first were the 47s, not the 888, 666 and 222. I had to look...
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    Re: The No Electric Refrigerator

    I wonder if they just put a block of ice in the fridge? Years ago I spent some time with a family in Pakistan and power outages were a regular thing. They kept a plastic container with a block of ice...
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    Re: The No Electric Refrigerator

    Thank you for sharing this, Arrowwind. I've been pondering how to make perishables last during an extended power outage. I'll have to try this out!
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    Re: A Little Gift for You All

    Thank you for this post. It makes me think maybe it's time for me to share the following:

    Not so long ago I had a very unusual experience. I've had quite a few unusual experiences this year, all...
  7. Re: Mass animal deaths: Possible first signs of upcoming food shortage?

    It's funny you should say this. Last night I was viewing pictures from the Viking Ship Museum in Olso, Norway, and it suddenly hit me how much like the world population curve the silhouette of the...
  8. Re: It's What Charles Hasn't Said That Matters Most


    Just have to say - I love the phrase - Waves of the Divine

    Thank you for that,

  9. Re: A message from a Nun about the 'Charles' material

    Ah yes, one of the most "subversive" persons I even met was an American Catholic nun. I am not of the "faithful" and yet she made quite an impression on me. After we'd been working together for some...
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