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    Re: A Signpost up ahead, your next stop?
  2. Re: What will happen in the second half of 2015? Is it necessary to make safety preparations for rest of the year?

    The scenario goes something like this.

    Interest rates are going to be raised at the next FOMC meeting on July 28th, and at subsequent meetings up through September. This sends shock waves...
  3. Re: Project Camelot: Daniel Smith - MMS & The Charges Aganist Him

    I know this happened about 60 days ago, but I missed it. I found a thread where the verdict was posted, yet I felt this thread was a better place to put this when you look at the previous posts.
  4. Re: Do vaccines contribute to autism? Should we vaccinate?

    For those who have not seen the video in post #77 posted by Herve`, I am bumping this thread.:bump:

    What happened to Dr Bradstreet is unconscionable, the lengths the...
  5. Re: employment options doing something meaningful..

    This is a high demand job currently if you live in California. Apparently the paint they are using is a bio-based product that is good for the earth! they're killin it!

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    Re: Non-mainstream MDs' Fatal Fate

    I wonder if painter Doug would do a portrait of Dr Bradstreet. He definitely deserves to be honored for his work and his empathy to mankind.

    On another note, the totalitarian tiptoe towards total...
  7. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    Let me clear that up for ya :)

    The Draco are the progeny of the intergalactic federation of the Sirian line which came through the Sirius system to war with the Andromedan's who tried to...
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    Re: What are you reading?

    Post 26 on this thread:
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    Not to derail this thread or to negate Bill's experience, but this statement really rings true to me. We all have experienced devolution from source to the densest of matter, and now we are gaining...
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    Re: Weird undersea find on Google Maps'35.0"N_115_135'16.7"W.jpg

    That's a crowbar catspaw. Back in 25,000 BCE when I first arrived in my spaceship, I was tethered outside it fixing a loose...
  11. Re: The Fall of China: There Will Be No Economic Recovery - Stefan Molyneux, 9 July 2015

    “You can’t taper a Ponzi”
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Oh Meeradas, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. That’s friggin hilarious!
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    Re: Should Humanity Be Con-CERN-ed?

    After listening to Anthony Patch, if observer would indulge me to go off on a related tangent, I would say:

    There is nothing new under the sun. The manipulation of DNA, based on other dimensional...
  14. Re: The Corey Goode affair: various updates from David Wilcock

    And gripreaper A1, always humble, never verbose, somewhat humorous and irreverent, yet always entertaining! :)
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    Re: Pre-emptive good-bye and thanks so much

    OK, just read this thread. Good on ya Calz, love hanging out with you on the old fogies music thread, or at the Ranch, or in the Here and Now. Yea, ya'll know who you are, those who have held the...
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    I found it uncanny that zerohedge was one of the sites that went down yesterday when the stock market, the Wall Street Journal, and one other major player were supposedly "hacked" or as some eluded...
  17. Re: Five Banks have 96% Of $250 Trillion In US Derivative Exposure // 75 Trillion // Send then to Iceland !

    This illustrates in terms anyone can see and over-stand, the gargantuan nature of this ponzi scheme, which could bring down the whole house of cards if interest rates move more than 2%
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    Re: Golden Gatherings With A Lust to Share

    Most definitely. Hilda Clark tested all the frequencies of pathogen's decades ago and figured out which frequency eliminated them. David Wynn Miller discussed how if you put a cancerous body in a...
  19. Re: Joseph Farrell & Dark Journalist Akhenaten Prophecy: Mystery Schools & Giza Death Star

    To Carmody and Observer, two of the most learned scholars in regards to the Big Picture being opened up by Joseph Farrell. I too am a student of Farrell, and attempted to start a thread called...
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    Just a bit of anecdotal evidence. The influx of new arrivals to Oregon and Washington from California is about 10,000 families a month and accelerating. I foresee home schooling networks spring up...
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