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  1. Re: Health advice - Crohn's disease, Gut health and infection

    I suspect that the Beck Protocol, designed by Robert Beck in the 1990s, may be helpful in this case. There are some videos by a Crohn's patient who used this treatment method which are probably...
  2. Re: Perovskites Have Potential To "Recycles" Photons - Boost Solar Efficiency

    Perovskite is a substance that has been getting increasing attention in the realm of breakthrough energy. Edmund Storms has mentioned its importance in cold fusion, where its crystalline structure...
  3. Re: Pulsed DC into an open extension cord results in energy boost from the environment

    I'm also not convinced that the fellow in the video is "proving" an overunity effect here, but I think it does deserve mentioning that pulsed electricity, often in a square wave, is a key element in...
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