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    Re: The Death of Money

    Fair warning:
    For anyone for whom time is of essence, this video consists of 45min financial doom and gloom that ends with a very special and generous offer for you to purchase loads of the same...
  2. Re: [hoax] Smithsonian Admits Destroying Thousands Of Giant Human Skeletons In Early 1900′s

    Well I believe it's the first time we interact in this forum, so you don't know me and thus you are forgiven. I see that you have a unique talent in quoting every tiny statement without really...
  3. Re: [hoax] Smithsonian Admits Destroying Thousands Of Giant Human Skeletons In Early 1900′s

    Well if I would be asked to cite a source when I post something and I wouldn't have it then I would just reply that I don't have it. Going all the way to accuse others of cognitive dissonance and...
  4. Re: [hoax] Smithsonian Admits Destroying Thousands Of Giant Human Skeletons In Early 1900′s

    Hi sigma6,

    Perhaps you are being a bit unfair there with he criticism. As you mentioned this story needs to be distributed widely since is not reported from the MSM and to be honest to me it seems...
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    Re: Swedish twin on Motorway in the UK. (Hybrids)? as noway in my book are they human.... MUST WATCH

    I guess you mean this thread.
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    Re: Is Russell Brand a Rothschild shill?

    I would find that unlikely since I don't consider myself a victim of ideologies or any form of dogmatism. I'm open to all constructive criticism.

    I'm not sure whether I should respond seriously...
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    Re: Is Russell Brand a Rothschild shill?

    Well this thread has become surprisingly long given it's pretty straight forward title. I guess the fact that several different topics are unfairly merged into one thread has a big contribution to...
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    Re: Jim Carrey's Secret Hand Signal -

    I also get very mixed feelings regarding both his performances and his personality.

    Just a simple look at his wikipedia page raises the first major flag. The last thing you would expect...
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    Re: Sleep paralysis suffocation

    LOL that was one out of the two scary experiences. The rest of the times I'd go wherever I'd feel like going at that moment in my lucid dreams :) .

    By default sleep paralysis includes...
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    Re: Sleep paralysis suffocation

    Hi there ABM,

    I've experienced sleep paralysis occasionally mainly during my younger years even though they weren't as frequent as yours. Coincidentally I also recall only two of them being scary....
  11. Re: What's this mean? Star Trek convention...?

    Well according to an article from RT:

    "Dressing up in local attire has become a feature of the APEC summit.

    The national costume tradition for APEC summits began when US President Bill...
  12. Re: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the Future


    by Nick Hide
    April 1, 2010 2:33 AM PDT
    Updated: February 8, 2012 2:06 AM PST
  13. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    Dear vajrakagyu,

    I beg to differ on the highlighted part. Courtney did build up certain expectations, with the whole drama leading to the announcement and the fact that he promised UNAMBIGUOUS,...
  14. Re: British firm to develop Worlds longest hybrid aircraft , due to US military budget cuts......

    The same article addresses your question:

    Which leads to a few very interesting observations:
    1. US has started selling out already since a few years, highlighting the financial mess of the...
  15. Re: COINTELPRO 2.0 confirmed: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet (Snowden GCHQ docs confirm)

    It's incredible how "selectively" the information is being distributed in the MSM. Furthermore, there are hints of fear mongering, by focusing extensively on the "it could be you" aspect of it.
  16. Irony: F***k EU says a senior US diplomat in a leaked phone conversation

    That's what a senior US diplomat tells the US envoy to Ukraine in a hacked phone conversation, supposedly leaked from the Russian gov.

    You gotta love the way karma works :cool:
    What cannot be...
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    Sticky: Tons of dead fish found in Lake Ismarida

    Ten tonnes of dead fish have been found in a lake in the north of the country due to an inexplicably absence of oxygen in the water, researchers have said.

    The fishy find in Lake Ismarida, in...
  18. Re: "The Red Pill" - The Solution/Answer to End All Mankinds Plights - Please Read Carefully

    Dear Astar of David, Thank you for summarizing in such a concise way the truth behind all human suffering. If I had to comment on every point of your post I would end up with an even larger post and...
  19. Re: An Update from Neil Keenan recorded 6-21-13

    Sorry to say Kimberely, I don't intend to shoot the messenger, but he doesn't seem to be exactly on our side.

    So purely on information on this thread (since I don't really have time to dig further...
  20. Re: Roman on Video YUUK/Start of Human Potential.

    Hi Roman, wonderful idea ad excellent narration. Many thanks.

    On topic:

    I didn't bother with the task of wallet, keys and credit cards, since I don't have any :)
    I'm taking the phone with me...
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