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    Re: David Icke on the Secret of the Universe & DMT

    Very important information. It's all in this video. really.

    A metaphor I like is: Imagine walking through a dark, dense forest - and you have a flashlight. All you can see is that small area...
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    Re: A Few Questions for Karen Hudes

    Thanks Curtis, IMO that's what I believe Karen should focus on first. Where the money from Federal Reserve is going - and can she prove it.

    I can't think of anything that would wake US citizens...
  3. Re: REVOLUTION..Vibrant/provocative interview...Russell Brand interviewed by Jeremy Paxman BBC Newsnight....

    Whether RB's intentions are good or bad, whether he is controlled or not, whether he is conscious or a tool - can be debated forever.

    What he has done is open a dialogue to a large number that...
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    Your views on the reality of Heaven/Paradise

    Conundrum: Everyone wants to get to heaven - but few want to die!

    My thoughts: Keeping with the As Above, So Below concept . . . . if you can't create it here, how will you be able to create it...
  5. Re: Glass-Steagall Resolution Introduced into Michigan State Senate

    Good start . . but until we get rid of the Federal Reserve . . . the 98% are still handcuffed.
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    Re: George's Christening

    Hmm, why does he look just like Winston Churchill - only thing missing is the cigar!
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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet


    Don't know if you already know about this - or are interested, but in a recent interview w/Charlie Rose of PBS, the President of Chile (Sebastian Pinera) claims he is encouraging scientists...
  8. Re: Mail Carrier Saves Man Who Went 3 Days Without Medication

    Vitalux, I do appreciate the fact that you always bring in the positive. Just want you to know that it hasn't gone unnoticed and is much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Hugs, Barbara
  9. Re: Glenn Greenwald (Snowden's main journalist) Will Leave Guardian To Create New News Organization

    I'm getting excited about this. It's something the world desperately needs right now and this union should have the expertise and the money behind it to do something serious.
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    Re: Lunar Eclipse Oct 18-19

    Here is one astrologers interpretation: (sounds good to me)

    Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse
    Friday, October 18th @ 7:38pm ET/4:38pm PT

    This is the time of year when we truly enjoy the abundance...
  11. Re: Clash with Karen Hudes on Trunews (Broadcast of October 15th, 2013)

    Agreed, however, the way Karen conducted herself didn't help her own view (and ours) IMO. When someone goes off like that often what they said is dismissed.

    BUT, I would like to address what she...
  12. Re: Glenn Greenwald (Snowden's main journalist) Will Leave Guardian To Create New News Organization

    Interesting news. Please keep us posted.
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    Re: What does the creator want from us?

    As a mother, what do I most want for my children - to get along.

    If we truly are our Creators children - I suspect then the wish would be the same. - to get along.
  14. Early South Dakota blizzard kills 20,000 head of cattle in USA

    October 10, 2013 – SOUTH DAKOTA – Like in a scene from an apocalyptic parable, dark carcasses of cows and steers lie motionless in silent...
  15. This Lunar Month's Theme - Astrology by Nick Fiorenza

    Intuition & Premonition

    October 5, 2013 - November 3, 2013

    Our New Moon of October 4, 2013 (Oct 5, 0:34 GMT) lies in sidereal Virgo and over Corvus, the Raven Messenger. The New Moon conjoins...
  16. Re: NSA Utah has $1 Million monthly electricity bill and That's Okay?

    From what I understand, the Utah facility is where they store all our phone calls, emails, tweets, etc.

    Quite a high price we're paying to have someone snoop on us.
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    Re: Comet ISON Earth Interactions

    Hey Rocky, how did you hear of earthquake off Florida coast? Not listed, or couldn't find it on the only 2 websites (now that USGS is down) I'm aware of which are:...
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    Some thoughts:

    3/11 - Fukishima Disaster - One of the "theories" was Israel planted the bomb which caused the Tsunami because Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran to allow it access to...
  19. Thread: Relationships

    by Ba-ba-Ra

    Re: Relationships

    You might as well be yourself, everyone else is taken.

    I believe said by Oscar Wilde but not sure and it doesn't matter - it's the concept that's important.
  20. Re: Miley Cyrus receives an open letter from Sinead O'Connor

    http://Weeping Woman Photo by angellovernumberone | Photobucket

    I weep. . . . I weep for my country and the planet.

    I weep as I watch not just the music industry, but the movie industry, the...
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