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  1. Re: 'Russia Is Ready To Show Proof That 9/11 Was An Inside Job' - is this real info?

    Isn't Putin just another player in the global game? Would he not be signing his death warrant by revealing the secrets of his controllers? It's all a stage and he's one of the actors.
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    Re: Did D. M. Murdock die?

    Thou Shalt Not Kill
  3. Re: Windows 10 - Turn off automatic update or else...

    I heard Bill Gates was trying to sell a laptop with a built in syringe. You don't even have to go out to get your vaccines.
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    Re: Trump **DID NOT LOSE IOWA**!

    Computer tallies the votes, no paper trail. How do you audit electrons in a corrupted software design?!

    Ever notice peoples of third world countries or S. American countries, when they detect...
  5. Thread: Coyote Logics

    by conk

    Sticky: Re: Coyote Logics

    There is surely a special place in the afterlife for men like him. Sadly, they are outcasts in a world run by greedy, power hungry psychopaths and sociopaths. Thankfully we live in a universe where...
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    Re: True Side Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery Revealed

    I've seen methods of restoring good vision, basically muscle exercises from what I can discern. Trouble is you have to abstain from wearing glasses or contacts for the duration of the program. most...
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    Re: Dr. Andrew Moulden . . . .Murdered?

    Some of the framers of the Constitution wanted medical freedoms written in, but were over-ruled by majority who did not believe it would ever be an issue. Those advocates were very prescient. Look...
  8. Re: More reverse speech by Jon Kelly; Challenger Disaster


    I almost hate to post this, but some of the faces do seem very, very similar. What do you think?
  9. Re: Aren't there something like 39 levels above top secret in the US government...

    Hasn't most of the more sensitive information been moved outside government circles and into the corporate security systems?
  10. Re: Do you think its possible that Trump is the 3rd Antichrist?

    She was born with a brimstone spoon in her mouth.
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Will the dollar soon collapse?

    The Fed may be able to postpone the crash, but can never stop it. It's all by design. My simple mind asks the question, can they inflate the currency to infinity? Somewhere between here/now and...
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    Re: 12 Best Home Remedies For Cold or Flu

    Go to a smaller dose. One word of caution (ok, several words). Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. It is the antioxidant that protects the rest of the vitamin C complex from deteriorating. If buying...
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    Re: Something is afoot...

    Do you have a website to order from to share with us... plz?[/QUOTE]
  14. Re: Top official negotiating the TPP just caught taking bribes

    This is certainly surprising, said the ostrich.
  15. Re: Type two diabetes caused by artificial sweeteners?

    Yes indeed. Aspartame is far worse than sugar with regard to cause & effect. Aspartame is far, far worse than anyone can imagine. No product has received more complaints to the FDA than any other,...
  16. Re: Christopher Knight | Megalithic Measurements, Freemasons, and The Moon Makers

    What a great teaser, Who Built The Moon? That should get a lot of nasty responses from trolls in the YouTube comments section.

    Good video, thanks.
  17. Re: Ethical implications of creating chimera and DNA experiments

    Nature is the physical world absent the ego, ignorance, and greed of humans. Plants and animals take only what they need. They do not destroy needlessly for gain.

    And disease? There is no disease....
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    Re: How Jimmy was able to Fix it !!!

    Why no street justice? Where are the vigilantes? This Savile character's body should be dug up and burned outside #10 Downing
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    Re: Our Furrbabies and the food they eat

    Simply reading the ingredients list on a bag of pet food is enough to induce vomiting. Dogs eating wheat or corn? By-products? "Hey, look at Rover foraging in the woods for some GMO corn and gluten...
  20. Re: Ethical implications of creating chimera and DNA experiments

    I will never understand the idea of overcoming nature, battling nature, being better than natural. Are these scientists so narrow of focus that they fail to see how intimately integrated we are with...
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