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    Re: Spaceship Earth - and YOU are the captain.

    Thanks for this information Inelia. It’s really good to see you posting on Avalon again!

    That saddens me a lot too that there will be many that don’t make it. I’m also confused by what you’re...
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    Re: Who is this man: George Kavassilas?

    He's been on a lot of talk shows and seems very credible to me.

    Kerry did a good interview with him on March 9 on Whistleblower Radio. Here's the link:...
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    Re: Bill, would like some feedback....

    I think Lily’s point is very reasonable. People have been asking for weeks for some information, which Bill said he would provide, and so far he has not done so. I think the main reason people are...
  4. Re: WA scientist paves way for food vaccines

    Creepy, they're going to keep pushing this one way or another until people either find out what's going on or they get there way.
  5. Re: Group survival, or taking a holiday together.

    I haven't made any real long-term plans for where to sustain myself in case of major earth changes, but a few friends of mine were talking about what we should do for an emergency plan to survive for...
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    Re: 10 Most Influential People in Alt. News

    What about Kerry and Project Camelot? It seems strange the included Bill but left her off the list. :confused:
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    Re: Hollywood, Disclosure, and Paul!

    A female friend of mine dragged me to the movie Bridesmaids the other day, and believe it or not, I think there may have been another PTB message in that.

    One of the comical bridesmaid characters...
  8. Re: Galactic Federation Of Light and Ashtar Command - Are they AI? Negative ETs?

    I guess you’re right to some extent. There was something about her and her message that just resonated with me.

    I had just ready some books that were pretty doom and gloom, and she struck me as...
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    Re: Hollywood, Disclosure, and Paul!

    Green Lantern hits theaters in a few days.

    Any hints on what you think we should pay attention to?
  10. Re: Galactic Federation Of Light and Ashtar Command - Are they AI? Negative ETs?

    I'm also suspicious of any so-called benevolent ETs who don't fully respect our sovereignty and autonomy. I'm not saying they're all bad, but I'm wary of the messages they give.

    I've followed...
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    Re: UFO Retrieved By Russian Military 2011

    Good eye Carmody, and analysis as well.

    I didn't notice the problems with the video footage, but it seemed really odd that they would be so obvious about transporting it in public like that.
  12. Re: Communicating with Animals, Plants, Stones, Water, and Air

    Recently when I've walked around my neighborhood, a bird keeps swooping down from the telephone line and chirping a little bit and stopping right behind my head. Then I turn around and it kind of...
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    Re: changing eye color

    Thank you for responding, I do not keep up on any action movies. I know what you mean about PTB disclosing information through tv and movies....I am afraid to give too much more info about my kids. ...
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    Re: changing eye color

    Changing eye color was a theme in the recent X-Men movie, and potentially a sign of special powers.

    I used to not pay that much attention to what was in movies, but I now know that the PTB who are...
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    Re: Barack Obama - A Lie Too Far

    Well, this story about Bin Laden’s death doesn’t smell right to me but that’s a long way from saying Obama’s lying about it. I seriously doubt he knows the real story of Bin Laden any more than...
  16. Poll: Re: Bill + Inelia experimental seminar, Sacramento, CA, Saturday 30 April

    Hey Bill,

    I enjoyed the seminar so much that I'm looking forward to Inelia's longer interview!

    Do you have a general idea of when it will be posted?
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    Re: The Anunnaki

    Thanks Bill!

    I've heard the Annunaki mentioned a lot, but I've always wondered what they looked like and what their motives were, so this is helpful. I remember Henry Deacon hinting about certain...
  18. Re:The sensitivity of language and people when describing race-related issues

    How about this for a compromise:

    Bill says it would have been more precise to use the phrase “some white men” instead of just “white men.”

    Sid admits some of his comments were probably over the...
  19. Re:The sensitivity of language and people when describing race-related issues

    Hi Sidious,

    Fair point about tactful, being a subjective term.

    I see that you feel Bill slandered you by referring to “white men” but as a white man myself, I just don’t feel that way. He...
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    Re: Membership on the forum

    Lord Sidious, I’ve often enjoyed your comments on the forum, although I disagree with your viewpoint on this particular thread.

    I’m glad you are willing to speak your mind and agree you are not...
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