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  1. Re: I think we are heading towards a density shift

    "I've always said that anyone who thinks that Planet Earth is on the verge of a massive, beneficial transition should go spend some time traveling in Africa or India. Or even Ecuador, where I live at...
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    Re: All Things Vegan!

    My son visited me for the holidays. He lives in LA and his current girlfriend is a vegan animal rights activist. After some discussion and some research into the dairy and meat industries, I made...
  3. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    I feel that Simon Parke has eloquently sounded the alarm on the increasingly pervasive "AI" agenda. Automating every aspect of our waking consciousness is a deliberate step in a movement towards a...
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    Re: A Timeline Essential Question

    I agree that the concept of "timelines" seems too linear and simplistic to explain the convergence of group phenomenon. If reality is actually simultaneous, there are multiple probabilities that move...
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    Re: Wake-Up Avalon....

    My own experience-
    Belief creates reality, and there are as many realities as there are beliefs. Many people are determined to believe there is some commonly experienced external reality. So, for...
  6. Re: Adjusting in life when things start to fall away

    In my own experience, a certain degree of detachment is necessary. The real key for me has been the ability to watch and monitor my thoughts, control those thoughts and then watch reality shift. We...
  7. Re: How Black Project Artificial Intelligence is Being Used Against the Population

    Thank you to all the informed members contributing to this thread. I do not know much about the technologies being discussed, but feel it is a topic of immediate and extreme importance - especially...
  8. Re: Mr Robot, new conspiracy hacker anonymous rebel tv show. Im so hooked

    This show has some interesting and compelling aspects. Elliot's internal monologs are great fun. The main character is a brilliant acting creation and Remi is doing a kick ass job.. That said, I...
  9. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    After living so long, and being so smart, this Cassandra should have learned difference between "your" and "you're"..... Commas have a useful purpose as well.....
  10. Re: Does anyone know any shamans or psychics that can help me?

    The Q'ero shamans in the Andes of Peru are skilled energy healers and able to work to dispel many dark entities. The FourWinds Society has expeditions there and also may put you in touch with Shamans...
  11. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    Thank you for these posts. I think they tie in with the accelerating use of technology that many of us "old timers" see clearly. Looking forward to additional insights.
  12. Re: The Boston Bombing was an elaborately staged theatrical event.

    Bombs did explode that day. I have a good friend who was one of the injured. i visited him and saw first hand the damage from the bomb and shrapnel. The event itself may have been staged, but real...
  13. Re: ACTION PLAN NEUTRALIZE-Super Bowl Satanic Ritual Sinister Intent

    Um, I didn't see much Satanic Ritual (unless you count dancing sharks and beach balls...) Maybe I missed it? Oh, there was a giant puppet lion. Perhaps it was subliminal, but seriously, Katy Perry...
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    Re: What are your favourite sayings?

    It is better to ask forgiveness than permission.
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    Re: THE HOT ZONE : A chilling 1995 book about Ebola

    [QUOTE=Carmody;886711]From my understanding..the 'deal' or OOO, 'Order Of Operations' in this extant systems was and energy or over unity devices ..whatever the case may be..if it...
  16. Re: Educate Yourself: Russel Brand's 'Perfect Example' of How-To-Cut-Through the 'Political Spin'..!

    Thanks for this. I think Brand is effing hilarious and dead on. His humor is wicked smart.
  17. Thread: Isis

    by ahamkara

    Re: ISIS parade is telling...

    This from Jim Kunstler's blog:
    "...Which is that in the worst case that ISIS succeeds in establishing a sprawling caliphate, they will never be able to govern it successfully, only preside over an...
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    Re: How to break Archon programming

    Thank you linksplatinum for the reminder to work to unplug - especially from social media. The presence of an "Archonic" influence makes absolute sense, the first time I read of it there was a...
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    Re: This world is insane

    I do not think the world is insane. It appears to me that each experiences a reality in line with their beliefs, in a self re-enforcing loop. Most people are controlled in what and how they think so...
  20. Re: 'V', the Guerrilla Economist, posts the most important information he's ever shared (4* General reveals 'The Plan')

    Thanks, Bill, for the link. Certainly as of today (Friday, July 18th) the pot is being stirred! As usual, each person needs to read and look with their own individual discernment upon events. No...
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