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  1. Re: Help Wanted: Research assistance on Jewish origins

    You are joking, of course, Jackovesk?
  2. Re: Current Media Events and Hints of a Fake Alien Invasion

    With aliens it always depends on who you are listening to; aliens helping our militaty with advanced technology in exchange for being allowed to take human/animal body parts and abduct others etc.
  3. Re: Current Media Events and Hints of a Fake Alien Invasion

    If an alien invasion is mentioned by the MSM it is suspect imo.

    If it really happened they'd cover it up, of course.
  4. Re: Kevin Annett: ICLCJ to prosecute Dutch crown child murders; Republics of England & Scotland compared

    This is finally getting somewhere, and against great odds. This is the greatest thing that could happen after all this time.

    Can't wait to see this play out.
  5. Re: Scotland Decides on 18th Sept, Independence or not.

    I'm sure someone has said it already but I'll say it anyway;
    don't use machines to count the votes. In the US machines were rigged to sway the results.

    Scotland, don't let that happen. Say no...
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    Re: >>> Is Liberalism A Mental Illness ?

    You're needed here Dennis. Don't be bothered by a few criticisms. Speak your truth as you see it.
  7. Re: Sacrifice Ritual stopped, and Pope Francis set to resign: UPDATE

    He was in a bathroom but there was a door behind him.

    Saying he was sitting on the throne/loo/toilet tells us how some people try to dis credit those they don't agree with.
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    Re: John Lash - Sophia's Correction

    Well thank god for that. With Hillary Clinton as our next president, I'm sure she'll turn this world back to love and harmony in no time. :bad:[/QUOTE]

    You're being sarcastic I hope.
  9. Re: Solution Focused Threads Vs Pointless Circular Discussions

    What happened to desalination? Is it feasible to use as drinking water?
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    Re: **From the musings of no consequence**

    No musings........
  11. Re: Can't remember name. Psychic lady in England [

    She has had sickness in her family in the fairly recent past. I got my reading after a few weeks. Nothing spectacular but interesting nonetheless. But something may have happened. It's hard to...
  12. Re: If Obama jumped off a bridge, would these morons do it, too?

    If police want respect they should start by being respectful of all those people they come in contact with.
    Are they conditioned to kill when it's unnecessary? Are they given drugs to make them...
  13. Re: WoW! Mysterious Lake Appears In The Middle of Tunisian Desert!

    Was the water analyzed for purity, chemical content etc. Would be interesting to compare it with other waters in that part of the world.
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    Re: Sky cars to be built in Tel Aviv by 2015

    what does each one hold?--just a few people?--You would need a million for the morning rush-hour.
  15. Re: My experience of taking Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade, diluted in water

    I received mine today (35%) and will start slowly. I take cumadin (warfarin) as a blood thinner.
    Does anyone know of any medical reason to not take it in small doses?
  16. Re: My experience of taking Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade, diluted in water

    Should be able to get from internet such as Amazon. Let me know if you cannot find, I will search.

    ---- sent from mobile phone[/QUOTE]

    Thank you C.D.
    I found it on Amazon.
    Do you know if...
  17. Re: 12-Year-Olds Accused Of Stabbing A Friend To Meet 'Slenderman'

    Ask the cia how they did it back in the day....
    mine control is done a lot today with 'suitable case for treatment' victims--school shootings come to mind......
  18. Re: My experience of taking Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade, diluted in water

    I asked my pharmacist and MD about hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and they had never heard of it.
    Does anyone know where I can get it in the NE of the USA.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Santa Barbara Shooting

    I feel fortunate to be a member of Avalon and having read David Icke's books plus the work of others. If not I would be unaware of how devious some 'people' are.
    But who are the hundreds if not...
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    Re: Roads made into power sources

    No matter what we come up with you can bet the controllers will find a way to get a monopoly on it.

    We need to plan well in advance and recognize 'them' when we encounter them.
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