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    Re: Share one poem from your younger days

    Awake at 16:

    Your Black gaze
    And your echo eyes
    Oh I know you
    And the rest of your kind

    Running on,
    Like you own us too
    I am free
  2. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    Mike Cernovich on a rundown of the case...
  3. Re: Jay Weidner Apologizes, Admits Corey Goode is a Fraud to Groovie Bean

    Oh, sorry David but unfortunately the recording is actually from a few years ago !

    It's lifted from Episode 575 of "Fade to Black" ... I suggest anybody that is interested to start listening from...
  4. Re: Jay Weidner Apologizes, Admits Corey Goode is a Fraud to Groovie Bean

    David wilcock responds to recent events
  5. Re: Jay Weidner Apologizes, Admits Corey Goode is a Fraud to Groovie Bean

    This is the best episode of the whole series so far, Jay was fired up.

    It deals with:

    David wilcocks Direct self contradiction on lucifarianism in Gaia

    David wilcocks resignation letter...
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    The person who posted it to Youtube, does not even seem to be sure herself if it is authentic. In one comment she writes:

    To me, this does not sound like a conversation. Something wrong...
  7. Re: New Corey Goode/ Edge Of Blunder Interview

    Considerable credit indeed :clapping:
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    One is never alone when one has a cult to do his bidding.[/QUOTE]

    I was thinking more the other side of him, than his volunteer corp. I mean, is he really a loose nut, or have bigger fish got...
  9. Re: "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?!
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    Re: Trump phones Pete Peterson!

    :facepalm: For the love of Pete.....:facepalm:[/QUOTE]

    For petes sake...:o
  11. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hi Bill,

    This thread is one of the reasons Avalon is so great! I really do love this place! It's great

    Just a few questions:

    1. What is something you have learned personally in your own...
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    Re: How to kick the "red pill" blues?

    This...Always, and for everything!!!! :)
  13. Re: We're Doomed As A Species - Media Manipulation

    Yes, exactly- more softening. This whole charade is a non-issue. Kavanaugh will be confirmed (actually, either way, the decision has already been made), and the drama surrounding this is the usual...
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    Re: BBC Programmes - programmed?

    I heard a wonderful phrase from an old man I met on the street about 11 years ago when discussing the general idea of television, he said "They don't call them programmes for nothing" it clicked...
  15. Re: Young blood could keep older people healthy

    Doesn't Keith Richards go to Switzerland every year or when he needs to for a rejuvinating transfusion of young blood?

    I agree with Valerie, likely try have the long researched and developed for...
  16. Re: New updates from David Wilcock (8 Sept and 27 Oct 2018)

    Well In his own words now,(para-phrase) "if the mass arrests don't happen by Years end, Q isn't real" . But what about his credibility?

    Oh and we should all "stock up on toilet paper. That's an...
  17. Re: Women's health and Kavanaugh's stance on women's health, birth control and abortion

    This is such a tricky issue and there are many elements to it.

    Halfway through my longest relationship an ex of mine had a miscarriage luckily. i day luckily insofar as she was exploring the idea...
  18. Re: The weaponization of the US intelligence community: 120 agency insiders now speak out


    Could this be Robert David Steele's open source intelligence in action?[/QUOTE]

    My thoughts exactly.....I wouldn't be surprised at all if he doesn't have a hand in this to begin with, in...
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    Re: 'Cosmic Disclosure's EMERY SMITH is a hoaxer.

    Motioned seconded, I have to say you made me laugh out loud there ;)
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    Re: 'Cosmic Disclosure's EMERY SMITH is a hoaxer.

    If this was true, which i find unlikely, ''Death'' would certainly be something to be concerned about. More efficient forms of cultivating energy is certainly a hotter topic in elite circles than...
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