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  1. Re: My first Art animation video about self esteem & how we view ourselves & others in the world.

    Well done. I appreciate art with a worthwhile message.
  2. Re: Reasons to Legalize Hemp, Cannabis, & CBD Internationally

    As apparently the only Canadian so far commenting on this thread ...

    While a few states in a few countries allow marijuana use, this coming July, Canada will be the first country to have fully...
  3. Re: Please Recommend Political Starting Videos For Just Awakening Newbies

    I like this one, but maybe this one is for 2nd or 3rd grade rather than first ... ?

    Basically it explains how our political systems ended up as they are now and why it is the way it is ... It's a...
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    Re: Disk-like object over Kirtland AFB

    Is it disk like? Or cigar like ... looks like this one over Macdill AFB ...
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    Re: Kunci (mantra)

    Yeah I probably wasn't very clear on that - I was trying to provide evidence for this constant subconscious "chatter" and how it lurks just below the conscious mind, as it relates to the beneficial...
  6. Re: 20 extraterrestrial contactees, UFO abductees & whistleblowers in E.T. conspiracy art

    Agreed, Valerie. However, I believe that there is irony in this statement. Is far as I know ... this reality works like some type of a mirror but NOT exactly in the same way as the "law of...
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    Re: Nome Alaska orb shoots up

    Cool find Mojo.

    Let me look at this from the stance of how one would have to augment the video with CGI to get this effect ...

    A bright orb in a local scene will add light to the scene, around...
  8. Re: Star Trek: Discovery will be the next Trek TV series

    I also thought it felt a bit rushed; a two hour episode may have been better - then they'd be able to get the story a little deeper ... And there was a part of me really looking forward to seeing the...
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    Poll: Re: Has anyone here had Candida and cured it?

    A treatment style that has begun to be studied quite a bit recently is to add living beneficial single-celled fungus (candida is a multicelled fungus) into your gut in large quantities to compete...
  10. Re: Strange website first about Jim Stone, and now Qanon

    I came across someone's similar conclusion on another website recently, I'll try to dig up the link but don't hold your breath ...

    EDIT: actually ... that might have been the article I saw...
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    Re: Radio Stations Round the World

    CJSW 90.9FM

    University of Calgary-Pulblic-Alternative music (commercial free)



    Also, find the above stations here (and likely almost any station at all): ...
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    Re: Flu Epidemic '18

    It need not be just a "belief". There is hard evidence that agrees with this reasoning.
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    Re: Kunci (mantra)

    My take is that when it comes to meditation, the act of meditation itself is most of the therapy; the act of clearing the chatter from the mind by either practicing to silence it, or by focusing...
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    Re: Most Amazing & Positive YouTube Video Finds

    One of my favourites! The title is a little misleading though ... I believe this is at a resort in the deep south where the alligators are well fed so are not aggressive. The cat's interactions with...
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    Re: Life is a prayer

    "It might seem a bit esoteric, but what is light? Light is information" (22:20) <-- This exactly. We only observe light as illumination;

    I have read of those beings that experience light as...
  16. Re: A rare look at the Mamuthones: Ancient pagan ritual

    Sounds a bit like the somewhat Christian related event, "All Hallows Eve", no?
  17. Re: Larken Rose Rant on 'It's the Jeeewwws!' & Accusations of Antisemitism

    OP video = excellent rant.
  18. Re: Dinosaur and (Large) Mammal tracks side by side - video

    Well we know there were "mammal-like reptiles" long before any dinosaur ever existed that split into the two main classes of mammals and reptiles, so it seems totally plausible that there was a...
  19. Re: Star Trek: Discovery will be the next Trek TV series

    Last night's episode (14 -war without war within) was again epic. And once again we have a new captain for Discovery -- and it's not Saru or Burnham ... :) This season only got better from the...
  20. Re: New Mayan Megalopolis found under Jungle in Guatemala

    I was reading an article on this yesterday -- thanks for the images! I hadn't seen those yet. Very awesome find. I do recall a year or so ago tat this project was about to get underway, so awesome to...
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