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  1. Re: Healing comes from the Heart: Natural Healing Techniques

    As I see it, a healer helps raise the vibration of another being. In this way, they are activating agents.
    As many here have stated in one way or another, the frequencies of peace, love, joy are...
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    Re: Some interesting writing from John Lear

    We were carefully designed and engineered and placed in this universe (no, not on Earth) to educate and mature our souls, by ET. All of us, every single human on the face of planet Earth has lived...
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    Re: Medicinal Sugar

    I am sure there is/was!

    All foods in their natural organic state can be regarded as medicinal--nutrients and nature's goodness for the body. It is interesting to note that it was classified as a...
  4. Re: A theory of kidneys, high blood pressure and toxins (Bonus: how I'm treating an infected tooth)

    workout hard every day...etheric underground, this may really be the cause of stress. You did not go into detail as to the duration/form of "work-out". Just a suggestion, to change your method of...
  5. Re: David Icke Banned from Entering Australia Ahead of Tour .....

    I watched studio ten "interview" (ridicule-view) also. David kept his dignity despite the sneering and snickering tones when asked over and over about being a "Holocaust denier" (David skillfully...
  6. Re: What is socialism? (your opinion, not the dictionary definition)

    Thanks for the interesting posts.

    We are here together on this tiny rock in space. We each have a responsibility to one another. Socialism is that recognition. It is not political, it is life.
  7. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Hello Bill,

    What are views regarding depression?
    Do you experience this in your life and do you feel it has a purpose?
  8. Re: Miriam Delicado has a big story to blow the whistle on but she needs our help.

    When I saw Miriam in past interviews, she was composed, measured, eloquent, thoughtful. She was one of Kerry's guests (a high percentage of them have turned out to be questionable in terms of...
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    Re: Dolores Cannon: The Back Drop People

    Hey Mike!

    Good to get a break from porn by tuning into Dolores...

    I've met Dolores and listened to her lectures. She is not the cuddly soft-spoken scone baking grandmother you may be...
  10. Re: It's NOT About The Nail (or, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)

    Hah, a good video to incite some varied male/female responses!

    Regarding the premise, nay, I didn't find this to be true at all.
    The majority of women are practical and solution focused--this is...
  11. Re: John of God, Healer at Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil

    John is an example of a man who abuses his position of power. It is a conscious choice, to sexually and psychologically abuse women and children. John continues this behaviour because he lacks...
  12. Re: Spirituality, Indigo Children, Star seeds, Awakening......

    Thanks for posting this, Whisper
    Message from the Eternal Child.

    I found it to be exquisitely wise and it touched me so deeply
  13. Re: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

    On a personal level, this year felt "sticky"--
    Certainly, there is/was inner change with the letting go of limiting beliefs, ideas, friends..
    Concurrently, a sluggish sense of waiting..
    I dedicate...
  14. Re: California Women's March cancelled because too many white people

    Thanks for posting, Voice from the Mountains

    Self-loathing white people, consumed by guilt, shame and negativity....what a diseased energetic.
    Unfortunately, this anti-white meme is circulated...
  15. Re: John of God, Healer at Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil

    Some thoughts having read this interesting thread...

    I have not been to this centre, Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. I have read about people's experiences, however.
    I suspect much of the healing...
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    Re: Ang Stoic Astrological Reports

    This seems worthy of a repeat. I read it many times...

    If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, we must follow the path of vulnerability.
  17. Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm


    Women are not to blame for the violence in the world.
    Women are not to blame for the violence perpetrated against them--emotional, physical and sexual.
    "Blame the woman" is the most...
  18. Re: Can Dolores Cannon's work be trusted as truth?

    I enjoyed the books by Dolores Cannon--they were enjoyably mind-expanding and there is wisdom in the experiences that she chronicled. I haven't read them all but the responses from others suggest her...
  19. Re: Very Creepy Talk About A.I. with Elon Musk on Joe Rogan Show!

    Firstly, I only watched the first ten minutes of this interview. I may watch further, but my interest in AI is not a great driving force. A friend recently referenced this guy and I confess I knew...
  20. Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    "ascension" is often linked with awakening; a greater awareness of interconnectedness.
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