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  1. Re: Diamonds out of thin air & the modern day alchemist...

    Hello Everyone: Russians have been making diamonds for decades and decades.

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    Re: 21 Dec 2020, not 2012

    Hello Everyone:
    I have been on this websit quite awhile now! In that time I have read of countless predictions and prophecies. I don't think one has come to fruition. I must admit when I first...
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    MKULTRA and the CIA in Canada

    Hello Everyone:
    Just more infor on the reach of the cia and mk ultra. Even in Canada.

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    Re: Dr. Li-Meng Yan: Covid-19 Whistleblower

    Hello Everyone: This is the information we have all waited for! This corona virus is just doing too many things for it to be a natural corona virus.
    Now we have a Virologist who says she can prove...
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    Re: Strategic Relocation

    Hello Everyone:
    Have never considered moving since it's like "cows in a beautiful field of grass trying to break through the fence to get to the other side and the grass there is almost gone"

  6. Re: If you think you can handle the Truth, well here it is ... Max Igan

    Hello Geophyz and everyone:

    I have to disagree that kids want to be ignorant and want someone to tell them what to do.
    Here is why I say that:
    When I was young my parents had "common sense" just...
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    Re: Anyone got a rational explanation for this...?

    Hello Everyone:
    I always like interesting topics and this is definitely that! What is interesting to me is that both of you heard the same noise(s)!

    Over the course of decades I have had very...
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    Re: 9/11 - WTC: New Eyewitness Video

    Hello Everyone:
    I have found it completely interesting that with all the video. All the experts. All the common sense thinking people trying to figure out what happened that dreadful day that only a...
  9. Re: China Wants to Be First to Colonize the Moon and Mars

    Hello EFO
    Here is how nasa astronauts went through the Van Allen Belt


  10. China Wants to Be First to Colonize the Moon and Mars

    Hello Everyone:
    Here is an interesting article! The chinese have come ahead so fast they are in lightning speed.

  11. Re: The Matrix. Are we in one? If so, how do we get out

    Hello Everyone:
    There is more to this story Ernie mentioned about groups of friends signing up to go to war.
    My father was so gun ho to go with all his friends they just couldn't contain...
  12. Scientists flock to mysterious Blue Hole off Florida's Gulf Coast

    Hello Everyone:
    A new feature in the ocean that deserves to have more information taken about it. It's very impressive that's for sure

  13. Curse Of The Axe Rewriting North American History Documentary (2012)

    Hello Everyone:
    A five hundred year old Huron settlement that changes our history in North America. The documentary is about history before European contact.
    A great documentary that helps us know...
  14. Alberta father-of-two dies after 'non-essential' heart surgery postponed due to COVID-19

    Now we know covid19 is far more important than anyone thinks!
    If you are scheduled for surgery you probably will not make it as this young father found out that the government cares more about...
  15. Thread: Communism

    by chancy

    Re: Communism

    Hello Everyone:
    This is Communism from the perspective of a Korean man that moved from (before north and south Korea separated to Russia) He was from the North and moved to Russia.
    When Stalin...
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    Re: The UK Smart-Meter battle

    Hello Everyone:
    I find this thread very interesting!
    Here in Alberta, Canada we had NO CHOICE for smart meters. You came home to them or you chose NO POWER. It was really that fast. Everyone has to...
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    Re: The 'Great Reset'

    hi everyone:

    What's amazing to me is all the box stores have been open the whole time and the small businesses were forced by the government to shut down here descimating peoples lives. The box...
  18. Lockdown saved no lives and may have cost them, Nobel Prize winner believes

    Hello Everyone:
    A good article from a Scientist that gives some more information on where we stand with covid19. At least his numbers are more in line with truth
    Have a great day!

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    Re: NASA plans moon base ARTEMIS for 2024

    Hello Everyone:
    This is an interesting topic! I agree that there needs to be rules in space BUT the rules need to be formalized by all parties and future countries and companies that venture into...
  20. Re: 'Colony' (hidden in plain sight on Netflix...)

    Hello Everyone:

    I watched the full amount of episode of the Colony? I am not sure why they discontinued it? I like a good sci fi but it appears that when I like something it get axed. Whoever...
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