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  1. Re: Massive psychotronic assult on the human cities
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    Re: Are you unhappier now since your "awakening"?

    I have been awakened since my earliest years. That sounds strange, but my very first memory is of lying in the grass, looking up at the sky and feeling at one with the entire world. My earliest...
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    Re: April 19th- May 1st, Satanic Ritual Season.

    A lot of astrologers are heralding this blood moon. Considering the potentiality for positivity that these portals open for individuated and collective humanity, creating mass fear has always proven...
  4. Re: A final farewell to the Misty Project Avalon from one who has severed his head

    This is oh so very important. So much could be alleviated if there were some clear forum policy in regards to this particular issue, as years of cyclic dramas can attest to. I hope Bright accepts...
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    Re: The Control Dramas

    The Celebrity control drama, now accessible to more by way of the Internet as you state, as another area of energy concentration, channels the same intent of those who sought such power in earlier...
  6. Re: A final farewell to the Misty Project Avalon from one who has severed his head

    Well alright then, Bright.

    It is bittersweet when friends move on, but it is also understandable. Often, it is more than the words that determine a response. It is the energy beneath them. The...
  7. Thread: triquetra

    by Rahkyt

    Re: triquetra

    Good luck.

    There have been a good number of individuals who have chugged through PA with similar claims.

    You have certainly chosen a venue that is going to come at you hard and fast. As you...
  8. Re: Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson To Resign, Reports Say

    From the perspective of those who are victimized by the cops, this is good news.

    Hopefully departments around the nation are paying close attention. Despite Right Wing intransigence and the...
  9. Re: A 2009 Open Letter to President Obama: "YOU SCARE ME"

    Wow. meet minimum posting length, I'll add, wow.
  10. Re: The Seed of Mind Control - Racial Prejudice?

    It can indeed happen today. The conditions are ripe and all it will take is opportunity. Sigma, that single event of course was only the tip of the iceberg as I'm sure you realize.

    It has always...
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    Re: Nothing to Hide, nothing to worry about?

    I personally would not argue the point. In fact, I would probably agree. It can be considered paradoxical that oppositional understandings both have validity. Yes, in one sense, if you have nothing...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, February 17, 2015

    Thanks, Carmody. I don't even think I saw mention of this blast in the MSM at all.

    The evisceration of Fulford here continues to lessen it seems as his leaks seem to be more and more connected to...
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    Re: The critical methane problem we all face

    Thanks Bill for raising this important topic.

    Back in the late-80s, I read a sci-fi book by Greg Barnes called "Mother of Storms".

    Needless to say it affected my outlook and probably...
  14. Re: A useful knowledge on triggering within group discussions and what triggering is really all about

    Good stuff, Limor.

    Elements of these strategies are to be found in our daily lives as well. As we navigate the world, hopefully, direct experience allows us to understand the contextual aspect of...
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    Re: Writer Goes On UFO Tour And Has WTF Moment

    I smiled reading this because what she experienced has been my experience as well. When I lived in Ontario, Canada, these are the sightings Sirayah and I would have often. The "power ups" always...
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    Re: Are you unhappier now since your "awakening"?

    Ah, the pain and pleasure of decreasing ignorance. The public censure accompanying the possession of non-mainstream knowledge. The self-querying that cycles in the rush of thoughts, the fear...
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    Re: Jupiter Ascending (New Wachowski Film)

    The soliloquy by Balem Abrasax at the end, where he stated that life is a consumptive process and then proceeded to expound upon that topic, to me, was the deepest thing in the entire film.
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    Re: regarding Kevin Annett ~ another conversation

    I understand. I'd want to be done with it too, if I was Alfred. It is never-ending. My friend, Lydia Hersloff-Whitecalf, finally had enough as well and wanted to put it all behind her and move on....
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    Re: regarding Kevin Annett ~ another conversation

    Read back through the thread, there are a number of videos that contain direct evidence of Annett's excesses. The evidence goes back years. The testimony of the purported "jury" who never knew they...
  20. Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    No. In the Indigenous traditions, the Ancestors ARE their "grand grand fathers" and mothers, those whose positive contributions are of a type to deem them Honorable. I urge you to read the link I...
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