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    Re: Is Coffee good or bad for you?

    for those who are really curious about the "health" effects of coffee, i recommend this book:

  2. Re: Incredibly IMPORTANT information: Geopathic Zones

    i've written a few posts about this years ago but i think mostly people disregarded the info at the time.

    anyway, don't believe everything you read. some people say this is pathogenic, some say...
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    Re: How To Regrow Receding Gums?

    follow the recommendations of dentists and eat lots of fruits and you can say goodbye to your teeth. in general you're better off doing the exact opposite of what mainstream doctors say.

    if you...
  4. Re: Disaster Prediction - Walmart, Jade Helm & Yellowstone eruption this year.

    cashless means nothing. people only go nuts if you take away their money. that's what's going to happen starting in september at the final bloodmoon and when pluto "turns direct" again, but it's all...
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    Re: September 2015

    "they" know what's coming because it's planned since forever. this is the end of the 7th shemitah (7 years, the "shemitah" is always related to the financial and economic wiping out of depths) since...
  6. Re: May is a month of Chaos & Drama...

    do you folks remember the "me tel u now so u belive me 15 may" messages?

    well, 15 is not the day, it's the year!

    the global coastal event that was supposed to happen in 2013 may actually happen...
  7. Re: Eric Dollard: "All the theories collapse when you can't see the stars in outer space, there is no such thing as time delay"

    it's all about frequencies. the sun and stars send out frequencies that are much higher than what we perceive as light and heat with our physical senses. so obviously the sun and stars seem to get...
  8. Re: Sept 24th Comet Impact? A Glitch in the Matrix

    if people see a comet in a vision it could as well be a proverbial comet, not necessarily a real one, that causes worldwide destruction.

    i'm 99% certain that "they" have planned something...
  9. Re: Something abnormal happening in Cuba

    re. sep 23/24. enjoy :o
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    Re: Escape From Hell

    satan is not a person, it's a force. the destructive force that opposes the creative force. none can exist without the other. we decide if we create or destroy, if we rise as souls or waste lives for...
  11. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    actually creation functions in a very simple manner, by very simple rules, as does the development of souls "downwards" into the physical and back "upwards" out of the physical. the understanding...
  12. Re: The four kinds of physical health challenges: genetic, trauma, infectious disease and degenerative disease

    different kinds ("acute", "chronic") of diseases are just different stages of a condition. the expression of a disease depends on the part of the spectrum that is currently acted out by a person....
  13. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    something else to keep in mind - the physical is the plane of reaction. the causes of brain diseases are mental. it's basically an accumulation of blockages from the mental body "downward" through...
  14. Re: About scalar waves and mindcontrol - Henning Witte

    such fields are everywhere on earth, created naturally, too. there's no place where the two forces (positive and negative) don't interact. in some places the regenerative force is stronger, in other...
  15. Re: Coincidence of medical condition developing in UK 25/26 Dec?

    diseases are created by ourselves on the mental plane. the physical is just the plane of reaction. stuff like vaccines, chemtrails etc. are only the means that are necessary to realize a certain...
  16. Re: I think I'm finished with Red Ice Radio

    isn't it interesting that for a long time people did not have any problems with others passing uneducated judgement while germans were the bad guys? on the contrary, most of them chimed in. the...
  17. Re: Caring for relatives with Alzheimer's : the modern curse of the elderly

    if you want to reverse alzheimers or senile dementia in a person you know there are many things that can be done. here are some:

    - change their diet. remove most carbs and add fats, primarily...
  18. Re: A Healthy immortal body is coming closer

    those who focus too much on the details tend to miss the big picture.

    nature/evolution/growth of any being moves in cycles and depends on the cabability/capacity of the animating consciousness to...
  19. Re: Scientists grow entire organ in world first

    they grow clone bodies since decades.
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    Re: Mayhem in Missouri Breaks Out

    the multi-culti madness of the usa. coming a city near you. just throw people from all kinds of races and religions into one large melting pot and then watch as it begins to boil.
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