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  1. Thread: Gardening

    by Eagle Scout

    Re: Gardening

    The cheap way but a great way to compost...........

    depending on the land area you have meaning lots of space or none............then you can make it bigger or smaller.

    use just the ground or...
  2. Re: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization

    Well Lone Bean, Welcome to the Bean Farm............I used to have people every day say I must be crazy and few say
    that since 911 and none certainly since October 2008 when the economic world...
  3. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    Yes, I know. But I always felt that if something like that would happen the earth's magma would burn up the thing or so.
    But apparently piercing the mantle would have other effects already...
  4. Re: All of your savings and pension are likely to vanish very very soon. New leaked bank proposal.

    Good Afternoon,

    I just got home after buying more silver dollars and silver 1 oz rounds and they were busy.

    I would get out of paper investments of any kind and into gold and silver coins...
  5. Re: A Coverup -California Northwest USA BC Canada under radiation threat as high as Japan

    A bad article on steve quayle's site about the radiation from Fukushima...........440+ pages.

    Ought to scare the sh*t out of you !!!!!!!!!

    Eagle Scout
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    We will see what happens by May if not sooner..........

    Clif has picked all the big events/crisis/catastrophe's this past 12 years or so.......pretty good track record.

    Eagle Scout
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    Re: Disclosure: How will it go down..?

    Clif High mentioned the alien wars in the oceans would heat up in 2014 in his latest report.
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Good Evening Avalon World,

    Hope you all had a great day.............I did..........well, I read all of the Alta Report from Clif High and lots of good stuff.

    I will not summarize it tonight...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    There is a new report up this morning at Half Past for $20.(39 pages)

    I will post a brief summary( 2 paragraphs) later today if someone tells me where it would be appropriate.

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    Re: China's Economy - What's Happening Next

    Forbes today says that the bank of china has told its banks to stop all cash transfers.............

    on Steve Quayles site today

    Eagle Scout
  11. Re: Article: HSBC Bank on Verge of Collapse: Second Major Banking Crash Imminent

    Peoples Bank of China just halted all cash transfers and told their banks to do the same.

    Per Steve Quayle site todayfrom Forbes...........not good.

    Eagle Scout
  12. Re: Courtney Brown Announcement for February (now March) 2014

    Spirt Guide I sure hope you are right but I think it will be a long ugly winter and bad spring too in the weather area.

    Clif High @ Half Past Human has a new posting saying his next report will be...
  13. Re: Diatomaceous Earth for your Family, Home, and Homestead

    Great Stuff it is..................Food Grade Quality Only...........for pets and animals and people and I put it in all of my 5 gallon food grade buckets for food storage........1/4 cup each bucket...
  14. Re: Public Prosecutor's office must prosecute top official Demmink (The Netherlands)

    I agree.

    Prosecute them all if they have committed crimes.

    I got a dui a year ago and then I dated the judges ex wife for a while and boy is she mad at him and had lots to say.

    I am waiting...
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    I tell people everyday about as many things as I can including Fukushima and most say oh yea
    I kinda remember that several years ago.......

    At the grocery store or restaurants I am always asking...
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    Re: How We Did It.... and tell your story too!

    Good Day !

    I built a radiation shelter in my basement in one of the corners where I had 2 walls of concrete with dirt behind it already.

    Search FEMA radiation shelters and Joel Skousen has a...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, 20 January, 2014

    What a great read Ben was today..........Interesting..............lots going on..........

    We are in deep doo doo.
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    Re: What's That Next To Mars Rover?

    I left that there yesterday when I was out walking !

    I will go back and pick it up........sorry.
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