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  1. Science of Compassion Gregg Braden list of video lectures

    Hey Avaloneans, this is my last post, enjoy these videos.
    Gregg Braden is one of my favorites. Be in grace, Victoria Tintagel.

    Gregg Braden - Beyond Zero Point - Journey to Compassion...
  2. Waving goodbye, leaving the Avalon Forum
    Hey Avaloneans, this is my goodbye to you all, a cycle has ended and I leave this Forum. Thank you, each...
  3. Re: Unplugging the Patriarchy - a new interview with Lucia Rene

    Hey Avaloneans, men and women :) If you believe in past lives, which I do, then we've all danced before, in both genders and now that we're presented with that karma, played out in all sorts of ways:...
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    Re: I Want To Be Homeless

    Thanks Real Intent, for this interesting thread! Why do we struggle to maintain a dead end? Well.... while living in our comfort zone...the chair that fits our body.....we don't find the need to...
  5. Chapter 13 from The Quest, Wilderness Mind, by Tom Brown jr.

    Hey Avaloneans, I decided to post a chapter of The Quest by Tom Brown jr. because I think we're at a point in time, where (I quote) "We must create an island in our mind. This is the seat of the...
  6. Re: Courage and integrity... let's not turn Avalon into an emotional Avalanche?

    Thank you, Ulli, glad you enjoy this post :) I didn't mention that something or someone other than yourself is writing, I mention the presence of something outside of you, that may (try to) influence...
  7. Courage and integrity... let's not turn Avalon into an emotional Avalanche?
    Hey Avaloneans, I am very much alive, happy and learning, growing, like you all, amidst of the rapids and waterfalls of life at this moment....
  8. Re: The longing for a new Arthurian figure

    Oh well.....I am going about in a joking manner, I warn you jorr!
    Hmm, uhmmmm, my deeeeeear jorr... :) Do you know to whom you're talking to?
    Take care of my jester's arrows that hit "auchh"...
  9. Re: The longing for a new Arthurian figure

    Hey Avaloneans, well... isn't waiting for a Messias figure part of the old paradigm?
    Waiting to make things right?
    Is this what we are really waiting for? Uhmmm, don't think so, uh uh :)
  10. How about living beyond our own Spiritual Selfishness? Quotes from "The Quest.

    Hey Avaloneans, I wish you a most lovely day and I like to share some thoughts with you, food for thoughts in you, I hope. I wonder as to what extent you recognise these thoughts and how you feel...
  11. Re: Radio-active matter: Let's be spiritual Healers

    Good day, Avaloneans, like Lifesong, in the former post, I feel honoured to be part of this discussion and learn from you all. You are amazing and I salute you, Sepia! We are flowering at this...
  12. Re: Upsetting childhood phenomenon - any insights?

    Hey Avaloneans, today I wish you all a very happy Springtime equinox :) such precious energy after the fool moon :) Thanks very much, Borden, for sharing your story. It's amazing, how accurate you...
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    Re: Do we really exist

    Hey Avaloneans, there are some great discussions going on at this moment, here's a post by Giovanni in the thread that Sepia started "Radioactive matter Let's be spiritual Healers"

    It's related to...
  14. Re: Radio-active matter: Let's be spiritual Healers



    Thank you for this wonderful thread and the simple method to achieve such healing, Sepia :) for the restoration of love on a molecular level.
    This is such comforting...
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    Re: Super Moon Tonight - 19 March 2011

    Hey Avaloneans, I haven't seen the full moon yet in my own sky :) I can feel the energy very strongly and also those of the solar flare effects that are happening. See some pictures of the Moon and...
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    Re: Drunvalo Melchizedek

    New Audio Interview with Drunvalo
    2010 December 3
    Aspiro Life
    Always a welcome surprise: Cyrilla Gallagher interviews Drunvalo...
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    Re: Lilou Interviews Drunvalo Melchizedek from Sedona, AZ

    Thank you, Snowbird, for the thread and this:

    That's how I feel this too, exactly, such a wonderful 3D approach :) very...
  18. Re: you are being LIED TO about diabetes: food for thoughts Avaloneans :) as food is one of my interests, mostly to be enjoyed and shared, I became a healthfoodconsultant. I...
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    Re: Solar Update (March 15)

    Thanks very much, Ilie Pandia, this info makes much sense, have to look at the sun with love some more. Be in grace, Victoria Tintagel
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    Re: Solar Update (March 15) Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Us
    Sent to us by our good friend Cynthia
    Hey Avaloneans, here's a post on the...
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