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    Re: Bill Ryan's Freedom Central Interview

    Yes breal, Would be great to hear a new interview with Bill, doesnt even have to be video, Audio would be good enough..

    I'm sure there plenty of bright people here that could conduct a great...
  2. Re: The Alex Jones Show and then there's Bill Ryan

    I disagree whole heartidly and think everyone is showing a kind of disrespect to a man who has done more for the truth movement then 99% of the population. He is a genuine man! How many of us could...
  3. Re: Is the counterculture today doing a better job than the counterculture in the 60s and 70s?

    Thank you Bill for posting,this is a much needed statement!

    This topic has been on I and my wifes mind and part of our conversations often as of late. It is a spiderweb of a topic that touches...
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    This just shows how the arrogant PTB that propogate and spread disinfo are panicing so bad that the explainations they are putting out are a joke.. an organic concsious 10 year old would laugh out...
  5. Re: GMO Right Wing Shill Gets His A** Handed to Him by a 14 Year Girl

    Her point of the diet of the "asian 14 year old boys " against O Learys was great.. He is sighting people"s health affects that live in some of the poorest most poverty stricken nations on the planet...
  6. Re: Understanding constipation and techniques to release it - Sarina Stone (part 2)

    Dr Edward Group of the global healing center!

    A great man with alot of great products. All 100% organic and created in one of the most advanced labs in the...
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    Re: Mountain Monsters

    This is an interesting story on sasquatch

    And some David Paulides for another interesting angle
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    Re: Happy Birthday Bill Ryan !

    Happy Birthday to one of the greatest men to ever grace the planet! Bill Ryan! one of the only men who could get me to put my name on something like the avalon pledge list :)

    You brightened up a...
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    Humans are more confused then ever and the loving NWO is right there to guide our victomhood mantalities and if we will let them they will guide us right down the path to despotism.
    Which right...
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    Dot Connection

    The Reason why 81 million people flocked to see

    As a species we are being attacked on every level. Our endocrine system is under attack threw food(Gmo and estrogen mimickers),...
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    Thanks for posting Christian I heard Alex cover this yesterday and thought it was VERY important! good to see you were ahead of me on posting.. They are delusional,arrogant and psychotic, but driven...
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    Re: This could be really Big

    The sun flipped polarities in the last few days, its really cold in alot of the world.. Maybe a shift is happening at a cosmic level that is affecting the Vail between realities

    Maybe these balls...
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    New Crop Circle in California 12/31

    Can Anyone figure the code out.. I had a magnificently powerful meditation yesterday..
    Alot of dialogue with Benevolent Humans off planet.. I feel we are at a tipping point..
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    Re: Fluoridegate

    Dr Group of the global healing center( who is a genius and excellent supplement creator) is creating supplements for Alex Jones. One is Nascent Iodine, the other is a fluoride cleansing product...
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    Re: What's Your Craziest Conspiracy?

    David Paulides is an expert researcher on the topic of disappearances in national parks, the forest service he said blocks him in different ways from investigating

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    Re: What's Your Craziest Conspiracy?

    Great thread DNA, mainly because of your second post which im digging into.

    One that has always interested me but has little info that i have found is the Titanic conspiracy. In that 3 of the...
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    Re: What's the best water purifier system?

    I resonate with structured water.. the idea of re birthing water into its purest form, this can be done multiple different way.

    this water contains more light( which is life) one of the better...
  18. Re: Bill Ryan joining Kerry & David W. with Bill Wood

    All convicted felons claim they are innocent. I had a friend when i was in the Army he was a security guard at a max security prison. He would say even the murderers rapist, child molesters all say...
  19. Re: Tonight on Coast to Coast/ Project Pegasus & Time Travel

    I also found this conversation very stimulating... A good one for this powerful day 11-11-11

  20. Re: Researchers infected Guatemalans with STDs

    My wife is from gaute, the whole region is heavily dominated by the church and everything dark is run in and threw the church like mass vaccinations..
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