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  1. The Russian Alien Races Book
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    Re: The Blue Planet Project

    Sorry for my mistakes guys but its been a while
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    Re: The Blue Planet Project

    Pulsar project
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    The Blue Planet Project

    This is real interesting!
  5. Re: 7/27/12 false flag Nuclear Olympic games 2012 illuminati (Video)

    I hope the royal family will be there when the bomb goes off if ever!!!
  6. Re: 9/11 TV Fakery No Planes!(3:10 is of particular importance)

    My opinion is that they used not only holographs but energy weapons as well , it made the concrete to dust...
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    Re: Alien? blasts a policemen......

    I like that alien already..
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    Re: David Wilcock's False Predictions

    I wouldn't agree more.
  9. Re: Senior CIA Officer Claims Knowledge of Roswell-Alien Cover-up

    The Roswell was no aliens but human time travelers from the future !!!
  10. Poll: Re: Do you believe the claims of imminent mass arrests?

    Sorry for my language buntis think it's B.S,just trying to see how we would react and give us false hope!!!
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    I've seen this before it's a prototype it does have small wings they get plugged in .
  12. Re: Prometheus Movie Based Upon Reality? See TRUE ENCODED STARMAPS!

    I have the book hidden records and it's very fascinating and he must of had a lot of head banging to figure it all out its just brilliant!!!!!
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    And something else.... Get the frequencies right I'm very sure 432 hz is the best frequency,check it out.
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    From what I know about the pyramid is that it was a power plant ,healing place and probably had a portal to travel among the stars and if you look at the 90plus pyramids of Egypt they all form star...
  15. Re: George Kavassilas Has A New Interview Up And It Is Rather Good

    i think he is full of **** i spoke to him as with bill to something that happend to me or has has been happening to me all 2011 but till now no replies especially from george which he knew since march
  16. Re: Triangular shaped object in STEREO data explained

    Try swamp gas next time the reflexion thing is old
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    Re: 2012: What may be in store:

    i found this video quite good the the rest that go with it as well
  18. Re: Anonymous - Message to the American People

    i'm still waiting for fb to go down as they said in november
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    Re: Ghosts of Abu Ghraib (2007)

    why are the al qaeda the bad guys when thats the code name of the cia program to train those people
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    Re: What do you think this is?

    wow remarkable i've never seen anything like that
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