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  1. Re: CANNABIS OIL ~ urgently need to find this in Canada for terminal friend

    Hello Earth Angel,

    A friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and he found someone who dispensed pure cannabis oil which he took for 1 year. I don't know who dispensed it to him. I do...
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    Re: Ontario regulating homeopathy


    The 35 homeopaths who registered are not foolish! They're trying to survive while practicing their profession.

    Many extended health care insurances in Ontario do cover homeopathy,...
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    Re: When Money Plays Harp... errr...

    I guess firing her without an explanation would have been too suspicious. While I am on her side, at least she was (unfair as it may be) offered money for staying away.

    I've known other artists...
  4. Re: Iran and P5 +1 make agreement on Iran's Nuclear Issue

    I heard this on the news earlier today and found it extremely interesting!

    For those of you who follow Simon Parkes, I listened to one of Simon's interviews of a week ago or so in which he said...
  5. Re: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame (a talk about online bullying).

    I admire this woman! I applaud her!

    It takes great strength and courage to find a way to redeem oneself when one has fallen from grace.

    How horrible that most of members of this society...
  6. Re: The Writings On The Walls... Any Needs For Translation?

    As people start to awaken and realize that drugs work only some of the time, and they kill some of the time, and when they don't do either, the cause tremendous side effects, they are turning to more...
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    Re: Coming HOME

    Welcome back!

    Stay a while this time, if you can!


    Daughter of Time
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    Re: Should We Identify As Human?

    I am human!

    My soul is human!

    I am of the Earth!

    Where are my origins from???

    Do I feel like an alien sometimes? Yes!!!
  9. Zero point core grounding - the easy way

    The concept of "return to zero point energy" has been of much interest to me.

    For the past couple of years I've searched for ways to do this without having to travel far distances to visit a...
  10. Re: Energy Vampirism All The Way Down The Food Chain!

    Unfortunately, I have become acquainted with most of the above, especially the ones on the lower end, as experiencer, or passive/active witness - not pleasant either way!

    I'm not sure I understand...
  11. Poll: Re: Four Common Psychic Abilities - Which Ones Do You Have?


    It always comes in a flash!

    Whenever I have not heeded it, I've paid for it!
  12. Re: The Writings On The Walls... Any Needs For Translation?

    I can't begin to tell you how much this sort of thing enrages me!

    It's been happening in Canada too for the past couple of years. They always find an excuse to destroy the free range animals!
  13. Re: April 19th- May 1st, Satanic Ritual Season.

    According to Lisa Renne (founder of Energetic Synthesis) who speaks mainly about negative alien agenda, sometime around the Spring Equinox a portal is opened. Through this portal, the anti-Christ...
  14. EMF discharger: where can I find one?

    Hello Avalonians,

    I have been looking for an EMF discharger - the kind that plugs into an electrical socket and serves to discharge a large area, like a small/medium sized house.

    I have a...
  15. Re: YOU've Become A Computer's Plug-In App

    Well, this is all very interesting!

    I don't know whether I like it or hate it!

    However, unless one can use any of the three for the same computer: facial, fingerprint, and iris, then it is...
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    Re: Define love??

    An expansion of the heart.
  17. Sticky: Re: Message Board: Avalonians Request Our Help

    Thank you, Herve, for remembering this painful dilemma which currently remains unresolved and plagues me constantly. I deeply appreciate you posting it here.

    Thank you, Paula, for your kind and...
  18. Re: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or ME - Some Truths

    CFS is a very complex condition. It is not caused by one single agent, but by a combination of many.

    Much has been discussed in the posts above, all of it very relevant and very true.

    I was...
  19. Re: A personal request for your healing thoughts of peaceful resolutions

    Thank you, everyone, for your compassion and sentiments. At a time like this, the support of loving, mindful beings, is truly important and so appreciated. It moves me deeply.

    I tearfully...
  20. Re: My dog is missing, Desperate for Help... anybody adept at the art of dowsing?

    Sorry about what you're going through.

    Since he's not fixed, it's possible that he might have found female companionship and decided to stay out a while. Many dogs I've known have done that.

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