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  1. Re: David Wilcock - The Solar System Is Moving Into A New Area Of Vibration

    I watched the whole video. I will not hang my hat on all he says but he does continue to make some thoughtful and interesting comments. He certainly does his homework. I think I saw him speak in...
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    Re: How Jimmy was able to Fix it !!!

    let's hope Hilary does not become our next president..she has so much blood on her hands.
  3. Re: Bill Gates developing the "DEATH-SEX" Condom..!

    How about a little bit of ((Nano-Tech)) eugenics style flowing through your body...:scared:

    But, then your going to say something along these lines...

    My reply to that, would be...
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    Re: Scottish Referendum - An emotional toll

    I have to say I have been watching this with some interest. I am in USA and I really don't have a strong opinion about it but If I was Scottish with all I know about the history of how England has...
  5. Re: Alex Jones Says He's Seen the Really Uncut Foley Video

    My opinion of AJ as also changed over time. He does know this stuff but his way of presentation and how he encourages not unity but separation and at times just hate. He wants to go to war with the...
  6. Re: Our worst fears proven true - Snowden exposes GCSB & NSA's covert spying in NZ

    I love listening to Glen speak because he actually so honest and is saying what a lot of the people in this forum also have come to believe.
    thanks for posting I was wanting to get around to listen...
  7. Re: UPDATE: NASA Claims Pacific Red Glow Caused By 'Energy Bubble'

    NASA will say it was just a weather balloon under water...yeah right!
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    Re: Bases 37 Part 5 C Max Spiers Disclosure

    Wow, what an interview. This ties together some things Simon Parkes said about the moon and a Alfred Woodard interview tying together false flags and the moon.
    Now I will have to see the Casbolt...
  9. Re: ATTENTION, The Sun just fired a XClass Solar Flare at Earth!

    Wednesday afternoon I went on a good hour bike ride and come home and felt awful this was before I got on the computer and I heard about the C flare and x flare. I felt so tired I had to go take a...
  10. Re: Alfred Lambremont Webre - Exopolitics & The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse

    thanks for posting....I love to watch Alfred he is so informed.
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    I am going to have to carve out a few hours to listen to this. I love Freeman....he rocks.
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    Re: Re James Casbolt/Michael Prince

    James Casbolt was on CTC and did some videos and I think Kerry interviewed him several times. Appears to be a super soldier and his wife is apparently a mind controled presidential asset. What a...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    Gio, I know you don't many comments and you wonder at times if anyone is reading this thread but this is one the treads I check daily and I watch many of your posted videos, the Laural Canyon...
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    Re: Being Authentic...

    All the time except for exams ;)[/QUOTE]

    And job interviews. ;)[/QUOTE]

    And, family functions. But that's never been my fault ...[/QUOTE]
    Or on the first few dates with someone you really...
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    Re: Do you feel ready now to meet the right one?

    Great video, spot on. I don't think I would have understood this in my 20's or 30's now after a many long term relationships under my belt I get it.
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    Re: Do you feel ready now to meet the right one?

    I think I am going to rattle a few cages with this post but here it goes. I am a women and most of my life I have had girlfriends who have been obsessed with "finding mr right, my soulmate, the big...
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    Re: New post from Karen Bishop

    I have read Karen's post for some time, and read some of her books because they speak to me. I have it very curious the various reactions to her remarks. I think it is important to remember that this...
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    Sticky: Re: Sun Stuff: What's up!

    Wow, what a day has anyone noticed how strange people around you are acting. If they are a little bit pushy they are now real pushy, a little critical they start in on you until you tell them stop....
  19. Re: Bono's Foundation Under Fire For Handing Only 1.2% of Funds to Charity

    No more U2 CD's or concerts for me....
  20. Re: Will we ever get to see the full video of J Maxwell at the Vatican

    Bill I have been waiting for this video and the new radiohead album it seems forever. Please hurry so I can have something to look forward to and to see on my birthday month..
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