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  1. Re: Phosgene Deaths of Birds, Fish and People per Colleen Thomas

    I still suspect HAARP, but Chemtrails with Phosgene etc. may be being used as well (and in conjunction with)
  2. Re: Bono's Foundation Under Fire For Handing Only 1.2% of Funds to Charity

    This is exactly why I would rather give my money to a person begging on a street corner.
  3. Phosgene Deaths of Birds, Fish and People per Colleen Thomas
  4. Re: Somethe HUGE is Brewing Down Under - US forces get nod to share Aussie bases

    I hear you! I'm born and basically raised in the US and I feel that they have NO BUSINESS butting into other countrie's business (I do not consider myself a part of "them") and I hate it. Some day I...
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    Re: The shibboleth that is known as Anti-Semitism

    zookumar, you are absolutely right.
  6. Re: Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids - Worlds Biggest Pyramids

    Interesting that Wiki names it as a hoax, yet the Excavation is revealing plenty already :suspicious:
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    Re: Schwarzenegger signs California marijuana decriminalization bill.

    Good question. Maybe that's how they get even more revenue lol
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    Re: Dead Fish Everywhere!

    Actually, the Corexit causes the lack of oxygen but they conveniently fail to say that Corexit is the cause of the lack of oxygen.
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    Re: Russia Fire - will we be touched...!

    I highly suspect man-made.
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    Re: FDA mandated recall of MMS

    This is a VOLUNTARY Recall NOT "mandated". Not to worry. A tactic by them which is a play on words.

    (Don't worry Aztar I am not personally directing this at you)

    The FDA is bullying this...
  11. Re: someone took offence to the georgia guidstones lol

    They are offensive. I wish someone would take a Jackhammer to them.
  12. Re: Earth Directed CME / Eastern Limb Active Regions (August 1)

    Me too! (except for cigarette)
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    Re: Urgent - Radioactive Oil From BP Blowout!

    More like a Lugol's Iodine Protocol.
  14. Re: Latest Updates - (Please only post VIDEO or AUDIO here)

    Very touching. Thank you.


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    Re: Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans

    Margaurite, on that note about what happened here, I would not think North Korea, I would think Mossad.
  16. Re: Important audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle, April 2010

    No, because I don't really believe in any certain prophets. I am having a hard time believing right now that any one person has the whole picture. How is anyone really to know for sure?

    *ON EDIT*...
  17. Thread: The Rapture...

    by Myra

    Re: The Rapture...

    As someone who has been in the process of waking up for awhile now, I've realized that most of what I've learned since childhood are ancient lies. So lately I really don't trust any one Guru...
  18. Re: Important audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle, April 2010

    A lot of negativity about Bill Deagle here. That doesn't matter to me even if it's true, it's completely irrelevant.

    For anyone skeptical, think of this: disinformation is almost always put out...
  19. MUST SEE: Global Warming-What The Gov Isn't Telling You

    I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but I urge everyone to view this Video.

    Military Veteran and Whistleblower John Moore explains what is really behind the Global Warming Hoax and Cover Up,...
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    Re: New article from David Wilcock--Is ESA Planning to Announce Phobos is an ET Base?

    I totally agree here. The Gov is never going to disclose. Why would they? Think about it.
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