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    An interesting book to read is Lundum's Jackdaws which is based on the true stories of the Nazi occupation of Holland. The reality is the people you have to fear most are your neighbors. Especially...
  2. Re: Huntsville AL- The Dutchsinse video that took down his site

    More young people should see Matt Damon's speech. Ironically, I am having a sensior moment and can't remember the film's name.
  3. Re: "We think something happened in the ocean."

    People should rewatch or watch Soylent Green. Art or theatrical commentary is often a from of prophecy because it is a vision shared by some form of collective consciousness.
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    Re: The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

    Thank you for posting this thread which I have to come back to with more time. Again my appreciation.
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    Re: Videos From Forbidden Knowledge and More

    It's nice to see some other Avalonians posting vids on this thread. Thanks![/QUOTE]

    I consider this to be the most important question that can be asked of ourselves at this time.
  6. Re: Stewart Webb's flow chart. Bush Crime Syndicate.

    Verified by Ross Perot the real Texas entrepreneur who knew the what and how of Iran just for starters.
  7. Re: Rethink 9/11, Launching A 600K Ad Campaign for 9/11 Truth

    We are still waiting for the lone bullet theory to be repudiated for JFk. All those involved then have remained in the govt in some form or other since.
  8. Re: The Shift - From Ambition to Meaning - Dr. Wayne Dyer

    I have to come back to this when I have more time but thank you very much for posting this.
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    Re: Enlightenment and Male Vanity

    You are right Ulli. I am trying to decide how dangerous it is. There is a big history here of burning people out and murdering people who do not fit in. There is no democracy here. The city...
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    Re: Enlightenment and Male Vanity

    I will now spend the rest of the day thinking about this thread. I have spent since the dawn reading it and it is now noon here. I often feel my major difference from most here in Avalon is...
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    Re: Enlightenment and Male Vanity

    But the central reasoning behind why 'many enlightened men... don't unite more into brotherly teams, with other men who also got IT...' is basic to the understanding as to why this phenomenon does...
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    Re: Enlightenment and Male Vanity

    Are you trying to suggest that people are more concerned with images, being right (appearing “better”) than learning and growing and discovering “truth”. Cuz I’m on board if you are…

    I get kinda...
  13. Re: Fake police officers rob citizens at gun point

    Driving back to California from Texas I was stopped by a cop in the middle of no where who said if I paid him 75 dollars right then and there, he would not write me a ticket. I refused and got the...
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    the story I was told at the time about Carter's pursuit of UFOs still sounds more accurate than the one above. At least to me. When Carter first became president Bush I was still director of the...
  15. Re: TSA now searches inside parked cars at the airport, using keys stored by valet attendants

    This is an excuse for these employees to just pilfer stuff like they do with random searches of luggage that then disappears. Again in the US it is only the thieves that are protected.
  16. Re: Computer password security: How the pros hack passwords.

    You have no idea how much I needed this and how grateful I am that you posted it. Thanks so very much.
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    I am bumping this because it deserves more reading. Bare in mind that Roberts was secretary of the treasury under Reagan and condemns both parties since 2000.
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    Re: What if time is on our side?

    I consider Bill's post a realistic analysis in which my experience coincides deep in the heart of rural bs Texas.
  19. Re: The truth is going to blow your mind. You want the truth?

    the more I know the more I know what I don't know. the more I read this site, the less sure of there being any truth I am. the more I understand perception, the more I doubt even my own so called...
  20. Re: Report: Bicyclist Flees Country After Oregon Police Force Catheterization

    The police are getting worse than I ever possibly imagined. I seriously believe there are no uprisings in the US for this very real physical fear that they will kill you if they think they can get...
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