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  1. Re: Please read: Important info about possible coming problems

    Amysenthia, I think the Snowden Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ article is most likely a false one. This article first appeared back on about 26th of July, and because it was not published through the...
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    Re: Proof of life after death

    The survival of death has long been a fact in some scientific circles. Ever since I discovered the work of Sir William Crookes, he was the president of the Royal Society no less, I have taken the...
  3. Re: Cocaine an easy way for the powers that be to get into their heads?

    I treat my body as my own sovereign property and do occasionally, once every couple of months these days, take the C. I don't recommend it to anyone else, and it is very over-priced, perhaps...
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    Re: A PRESERVED, INTACT ET skeleton? For REAL?

    I don't have any issue with David Wilcock. He's certainly put in more effort than I have :)

    This tiny alien here reminds me of one that was found by a boy in South America maybe 10+ years ago. ...
  5. Re: MUST LISTEN -- Investigator Mike Powers: America, a nation now at war

    There seems little doubt that this event was in someway rigged to forward an agenda that wants a civil war, or some other excuse, to lead to a requirement for Stasi style police-state rule. Anyone...
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    Re: Who was the first person to wake you up?

    Bill Hicks definitely played a part.
  7. Thread: AIDS Manmade

    by Butangeld

    Re: AIDS Manmade

    I'm glad you do speak though. You have experienced this and lost people you knew. Having lived it and lost because of it, to then speak the truth regarding the nefarious nature of it all has more...
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    Re: UN recognizes state of Palestine

    This seems to me to be very good news. The inhumanity experienced by the Palestinian needs to end.

    I'd like to direct your attention to history and perhaps a lesson to be learned in how the world...
  9. Thread: AIDS Manmade

    by Butangeld

    Re: AIDS Manmade

    Thanks Black Panther for this thread. This is one of the stories that woke me up to what is going on in our world.

    I highly recommend the book AIDs Inc by Jon Rappoport. He is an investigative...
  10. Re: Project Camelot interviews Richard Alan Miller : Magus who came in from the cold

    My response to this news is not to share with him ;)
  11. Re: Review of David Icke's Wembley presentation (27 Oct 2012)

    I think Icke's solution to all the pain and formidable amount of information he has accumulated about it all is one we might all agree on: Follow your intuition, and so commit to doing what your...
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    Re: David Icke Wembley Event to be STREAMED worldwide October 27th

    I am watching now with goldenwonder, it is lunch break right now!
    Would have been quite something to have seen both Icke and Bill Hicks on the same stage :) Good dream.
  13. Re: Massive Bank and High Profile Resignations Across the World

    Sorry if this is a repost but this looks pretty huge, from...
  14. Re: The Universal Theory/God Particle Identified and Explained

    This man is a genius. When I read the title of this thread with the words 'God particle' in I thought it would be relating to the Boson and the crazy beliefs of the Big Bangers with the God is a dot...
  15. Re: Israel lobbyist openly calls for a false flag to get into war with Iran. Holy Cra

    I'm posting this quote from because of what it says, and because these 'assclowns' need to be out in the open where everyone can see them!

    These are the words of Michael...
  16. Re: Israel lobbyist openly calls for a false flag to get into war with Iran. Holy Cra

    So deranged is this group of people that they refer to America as if simply it were a dog that refuses to attack a stranger. They have a faulty dog and are imagining ways in which to trick their...
  17. Re: Freeman / Strawman, legal fiction and Admiralty law...

    These look like laws but there is a reason they are called acts. To have dominion over you or me these 'laws' must first be enacted into law. This is done by 2 consenting parties entering into a...
  18. Re: Freeman / Strawman, legal fiction and Admiralty law...

    This is a broad subject but the law can be used to beat the 'system'. That is if you don't intend to make the slightest of mistakes during your tip-toe through the minefield that awaits those brave...
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    Re: Astral traveling back in time?

    Perhaps you are able to view past events through the eyes of others who were actually there.
    Interesting post thanks!
  20. Re: Megalithic stones and stone use all over the ancient world, why ?

    I've really enjoyed this thread, so thank you Loki!

    I'm very interested in all of this stuff. I disagree with Drusin though, on whether stones found in lines represent defensive positions. Not...
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