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  1. Re: Flint, Michigan: No Democracy, and poisoned drinking water

    Very interesting indeed... This was voted on by their own elected officials, and they tried to blame the EM? I wasn't aware of that... I thought they at least had the decency to accept the blame.
  2. Re: Flint, Michigan: No Democracy, and poisoned drinking water

    It is true. Whether or not the Gov is to blame is another story.

    Flint's water came from Detroit for decades. Flint voted to disconnect from Detroit's clean water system (probably because of water...
  3. Re: Unbelievable Trump Goes Rogue with Alex Jones... 9/11, etc

    If I were studying the consciousness of this planet and found this infowars, I'd turn around and go in the opposite direction. We really have to think larger than ourselves. How do our individual...
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    Re: Global First Contact of God

    We live in a holographic universe where you exist not only as an absolute you (from your perspective), but you exist infinitely. Image existence as a timeline in a video editing program. Every...
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    Re: Global First Contact of God

    I believe that there is no need for a global first contact of God because we can meet God whenever we are ready. I see communication with God our Creator as a channel of consciousness anyone can tune...
  6. Re: Atlantis and/or Lemuria Hiding in Plain Sight - With Scientific Evidence

    This will be continued as I get more information...
  7. Atlantis and/or Lemuria Hiding in Plain Sight - With Scientific Evidence

    I'd like to keep the tone of this thread as sober as possible, but I'd also like to point out that this is merely a theory.

    If you are looking for a lost island/continent look no further...
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    Re: Barack Obama a lightworker?

    Completely and totally rubbish. Having short hair does that. His texture of hair doesn't sit exactly the same way every time he brushes it. He may or may not be a light worker but he is definitely...
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    Re: Especially for women...

    Link on Natural Law - reference Thomas Hobbs.

    I personally believe we've completely thrown out the baby with the bath water with respect to social norms...
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    Re: The key is the reptilian brain.

    Unfortunately I can only agree with the definitions of the brain.

    There is a negative balance to the positive whether you believe it or not - and it believes in you.

    Your instincts are not...
  11. Re: Kerry Cassidy interviews Michael Schratt (UFO's - Black Projects) 2013 02 22

    While I do agree the American people should know this information, the most effective way to disseminate it is in test groups like this one. We represent a cross section of society and you would be...
  12. Re: UFO sighting over Moscow, Russia, Feb. 15-2013, edited & slowed

    This interesting but it honestly appears to be some kind of private flight using a parachute to slow the entry. I don't think aliens would use such a primitive technology, do you?
  13. Re: "Mini Solar System Entering Our Own" Breaking News from Prof. James McCanney

    The main reason I enjoy listening to Clif High is because his description of what's gone wrong so far is quite perceptive. But in recent years, I get the impression that his predictions have been...
  14. Re: Have you had a perplexing, paranormal experience lately?

    I guess I will start.

    I was driving down an undisclosed highway in the Midwest during twilight hours and I noticed the artificial lighting was displaying rater weird characteristics. This could...
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    Re: RIP Ingo Swann

    This guy is amazing! He was completely going over their heads and the way he dealt with hecklers was classy. It's a shame his delivery style invited the hecklers, but overall this guy has that...
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    Re: Alien agenda and return of the Nephilim

    Evidently, ETs haven't evolved past war either.

    Edit: So I don't have to get off topic I'll just edit my original post to clear miscommunication.

    ET's include everyone within that category. If...
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    Re: The wait for December 21, 2012

    Who knows. With our Gregorian calendar who knows what day and year it actually is or why they altered the calendar in the first place? Was the original timeline already tampered with?

    What if the...
  18. Re: Information from the reptilans and the Pleiadians

    So let me get this straight. They tamper with us genetically, mentally, and emotionally and blame us for being who we are collectively like we are a bad stock?

    That should tell you everything you...
  19. Re: Mehran Keshe participated in an in-depth interview yesterday (Sept 2, 2012)

    In all honesty, this is guy is passive-aggressively threatening the US eventhough he says it is for peace. He should have simply stated the peaceful purposes of this technology instead of talking...
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    Re: Not 1 but 2 crashes at Roswell?

    Apparently this is disclosure at the proper time... Now that everyone is scripted to be a skeptic the conditions are now safe to release real information. Without further adieu, behold the aliens...
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