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  1. Thread: The Fat Thread

    by Ki's

    Re: The Fat Thread

    There are some pretty simple 'tricks' that can pretty much guarantee attaining and maintaining a healthy weight without going hungry. They are as follows:

    1. ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST. When you...
  2. Re: US Government Declaring All Out War on Tiny House Living

    I kind of had a different take on the 'tiny house' movement. I've felt that it was a deliberate attempt to acclimate us to the idea that living in tight, confined spaces is a good thing. I gather...
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    Re: GMO - what might really be the truth?

    Yes, and what i feel is important is that I do my own investigations as opposed to following a herd mentality.

    Its funny how so many in this thread missed the actual point.

    It is also funny how...
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    Re: San Bernardino, CA Mass Shooting, 2 Dec 2015

    This 'obvious' false flag has to be something other than gun control. The perps were well prepared Muslims...that will only serve to make people MORE determined to keep their weapons. Something...
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    Re: Coloring books for adults

    Well, I guess I've noticed a disturbing trend...and these seem to be a part of it. I think we're all aware of the sexualization (is that a word?) of children, but more recently I've noticed an...
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    Coloring books for adults

    Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts, ideas or information on the coloring books for adults that are currently flooding the market.
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    Re: Chest infection and congestion

    garlic, garlic and more garlic. Make sure it is organic living garlic and hasn't been irradiated to prevent it from sprouting in the stores. You want to see a bit of green when you slice into the...
  8. Re: Charlie Hebdo shooting: eleven dead at Paris offices of satirical magazine

    I've hunted most of my life and I don't quite understand that video of the shooting. In every instance, whether killing a woodchuck with a 22 or a deer with a 12 guage...the animal has always been...
  9. Re: 33 Cops Fire 600 Bullets Into Vehicle with Hostage

    We are on the edge of the breaking point between the public and the police. I think The public has had about enough and we may start seeing more cop killings. I can't help but wonder if we aren't...
  10. Re: Hollywood Pits 2 Nuclear Countries Against Each Other Than Cries Victim

    Amongst my family and friends, no one had even heard of the movie until the whole Sony thing.

    I didn't watch it when it went online. I'm all for free speech etc...but I thought the story line...
  11. Re: Hollywood Pits 2 Nuclear Countries Against Each Other Than Cries Victim

    Follow the money... (Facepalm)

    War is very profitable as well, so two birds with one stone further down the time line.[/QUOTE]

    Exactly my thoughts...Sony gets to make a ton of money and the...
  12. Thread: Music to ENJOY

    by Ki's

    Re: Music to ENJOY

    Oh you have a boogie woogie in there!!! My Father played piano and it was always boogie woogie that I would beg him to play. Thanks for the holiday memories and happy new year to you. :cool:
  13. Re: It's OK if you bought an item or two or maybe ten for yourself.

    The disturbing thing is the mindless laughter from the if it were just a funny joke. You'd think there would be stunned, outraged silence.
  14. Re: Vattenfall is suing Germany for 4.7 billion Euros -- because Germany is phasing out nuclear power.

    Petition signed and passed along. Thanks for the heads up
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    Re: Avalon Member Asks for Suggestions and Healing

    CPAP machine: continuous positive airway pressure. The machine uses an airtight mask over the nose and mouth and increases air pressure in the throat to prevent the airway from collapsing when...
  16. Thread: Rosicrucianism

    by Ki's

    Re: Rosicrucianism

    hmmm, When I read the title of this thread I actually thought there would be some Rosicrucians in here. It is an easy enough process to request information from AMORC and to apply for membership....
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    Re: Inclined Bed Therapy

    Yes I did and I didn't find the data or studies to be very compelling.
    I responded to this post for more supporting evidence and didn't expect or appreciate being stereotyped as a drone because I...
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    Re: Inclined Bed Therapy

    This doesn't make sense to me. It would make far more sense to have the incline reversed so that internal organs and the brain continue to receive nutrient and oxygen rich blood during sleep rather...
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    Re: Will David Rockefeller live forever ?

    I read some of the research conclusions on this (young blood) and some of the 'science' seems to be missing in this thread and the above video.
    First of all, the blood isn't ingested, it's...
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    Re: Cat Hoarding ( Need some advice?)

    Cats are NOT pack animals and they are territorial. Cramming that many cats into that small of a space is animal abuse. If the girlfriend is unable to make healthy decisions for the cats than...
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