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    Re: Something on the moon ?

    I had to come here because I saw this video yesterday and part two today and didn't know what to make of it. But you are right Bill. It does sound like a script someone is reading. It just seems...
  2. Re: Thought this was pretty powerful - Baby reacts to Mom's singing

    That was sweet to watch. I have an 8 month old son at home and when he hears certain music, it stops him dead in his tracks and he zones in on it. There is an Omega watch commercial that comes on TV...
  3. Thread: An Apparition?

    by Nyce555

    Re: An Apparition?

    That is a cool aparition story. My 11 year old nephew recently told me that he saw a ghost while visiting a boxing gym. He went into a back room to get something for his dad who was training and he...
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    Re: A question about reincarnation

    This is my take on it. I believe in reincarnation and past lives. I believe that we do "graduate" spiritually to get a better understanding of who we are and our relationships to others. If we...
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    Re: A Request To Avalon

    Much love and prayers to this child and his family. May his recovery be quick and complete.
  6. Re: 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    Marsila Thank you so much for sharing. These photos are inspirational and touching. This is the part of humanity that makes me believe that all is not lost.
  7. Re: FIRST CONTACT at Olympics Aug 4th! (Update Aug 7 -- didn't happen)

    I 100% agree with you Bill!!! You are dead on!!! There is a lot of fluff out there and many people get caught up in it. There is a real truth out there to what is going on some people are more close...
  8. Re: Christ, the Matrix films, and the politics of separation.

    I think that people are always going to disagree about religion. Some will take the Bible very literally, some historically, others will simply use it as a book of inspiriation without taking...
  9. Re: Reject Drake, Wilcock and Fulford for SPIRITUAL NON-PHYSICAL ASCENSION 2012

    I believe that we are each on our own journey here. No matter what we do there will always be some outside entity trying to influence our actions here on Earth (human, angelic or dark spirits). That...
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    Re: Expanding the Consciousness of Teenagers

    I am 31 now and have a spiritually open minded mom, and although my parents were divorced, my dad introduced me and my brothers to sci fi at an early age. I read a lot of books on astronomy and had...
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    Re: Can we heal the world?

    Hi Jessamy! I do that prayer every night. I ask God to surround the world with the light of the holy spirit to help heal the people of the world. I will definitely be doing it again tonight. So count...
  12. Re: Using your real name (discussion from a David Wilcock thread)

    I think it all depends on what you are comfortable with. I used to give out my personal info, but like some of the others, I ended up having a stalker too. So I decided not to be too specific with my...
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    Re: America, where are you now?

    Great song! Powerful lyrics and all true!
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    Re: Ron Paul Poll Removed, Again

    I don't support all of Ron Paul's views, but I must say that he is not getting a fair shake in this Primary. Out of all of the Republican candidates, he is the only one that I respect.
  15. Re: I'm not sure what happened the other night....

    I dont have a poking incident, but once about 10 years ago, I was on my back in bed and I just started to doze off when I felt someone pat me on the belly twice. I opened my eyes to see that no one...
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    Re: What is religion for you?

    That was great Jessamy. I wish I could do that. I sure could use some advice from my angels right now.
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    Poll: Re: Do You Have Sleep Problems?

    I usually fall asleep around 1 am and then wake up around 3-4ish. I fall right back asleep, but it is usually do to a dream that is intense and my mind wants to get out. I am usually confused and...
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    Re: A 1st Person, True, Ghost Story Thread

    Growing up, I lived in an older duplex house and our neighbors on the other side were very close to my family. They used to babysit my cousin's two small children (boy and girl) both under the age of...
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    Re: Well, it's the 28th?

    Th only strange thing that happened is that it is now snowing in the DC area in October and we usually don't see snow until after Thanksgiving. Which annoys me, because I hate the snow and people...
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    Re: Well, it's the 28th?

    Well I hope the change brings me a new job. As far as dreams go, I had a weird one.There was some sort of ceremony that had something to do with a charity. The weird thing is that I have never seen...
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