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    Re: Michael Tellinger : "We don't Need Money!"

    The problem with money is that it sets up the environment for jealousy. And jealousy turns into all kinds of other negative emotions. And those emotions end up getting the planet into the mess it's...
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    Re: Opening Your Third Eye

    Hey what's up TruthSeekah. I definitely agree with most of what you said in the video. What really resonated with me was the part about people going crazy. I know about 3 people close to me who have...
  3. Re: Free energy in ancient civilisations - How Sound is Keeping Humanity Enslaved

    Hey how are you STR. I agree with a lot of what you have said in your posts. I also agree with a lot of what observer has said. As with many things in "life" I think balance is required with both of...
  4. Re: Prayer request (I have heavy feeling of being down)

    I feel the same way as what most people on this thread have already said. Hard times in life are usually a point of growth. Since you seem to be very sensitive to energies it may manifest a little...
  5. Re: Prayer request (I have heavy feeling of being down)

    This song popped into my head when I clicked on this thread. Hopefully it will have some value to you Mu
  6. Re: Some lessons and observations from having been a Jehovah's Witness

    Hey what's up Kraut?

    Well I too was raised as a JW. fortunately for me I got rather lucky. My parents stopped going when I was about 15. So I spent half of my life in the religion. I agree with...
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    Re: Looking into the future

    What's up Cristian? Great thread. Here is my 2 cents.

    I think when when we visualize and clear our minds in the way you spoke of we operating closer to our true nature. From that perspective we...
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    Re: Nanoo Nanoo's Movie Review Thread : 0 )

    i just saw the soloist for the fist time over the weekend. that was a great movie. and the fact that it was actually a true story makes it even better.

    i'm not sure what impact it would have on...
  9. Re: Life & Soul Choice To Leave The Earth At This Time!

    thats a great topic Adi. i think about this all the time. especially lately. im a firm believer that we knew before coming into this reality what we were getting ourselves into. i believe that this...
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    Re: What controls the hologram?

    nice thread. you guys are some smart "cats"
    anyway im reading this from my computer at work which doesn't have the latest flash update so i couldn't watch the videos. but i did read the whole thread...
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    Re: David Icke: do you trust him or not?

    His book the biggest secret changed my life and pretty much single handedly put me on the path to greater enlightenment. With that said don't focus so much on the person. Try to listen to the...
  12. Re: My ET contact experiences (discussions/Q&A panel etc.)

    Just found this thread. Definitely some good stuff. Like most others I feel that u speak the truth and much of what u say resonates with me. I have many questions but will keep it relatively simple. ...
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    Re: Revelations (Answers From The Universe)

    O ok. Interesting stuff. I agree with most. I'm curious on your take on your take on us being used as conduits or conductors to unite universes. Care to elaborate?
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    Re: Revelations (Answers From The Universe)

    What's up lightworker87? I can relate to your opening post. So what are somethings that are becoming clear to you? I would like to exchange info
  15. Re: International UFO Congress 2012 Year of Contact [HD] J. Maussan

    Damn. That was the closest thing to the smoking gun I have ever seen! I will be showing this video to a lot of people. Especially the skeptics!
  16. Re: Information from the reptilans and the Pleiadians

    Pretty interesting
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    Re: The powers behind the Elite?

    Hey Neptun. How are you?

    Your post resonated with me a lot and I agree with your views on the power of love!

    I also have a brother and close friend who have had many encounters with the sleep...
  18. Re: An Encounter With a Jinn who relates about archons, gods & humanity

    that was definitely a good read. and it did resonate with me. its always good when you read something that mimics knowledge that you have gained thru your own investigation.

    in my opininon these...
  19. Re: Waves, Magnetism, & Mankind-The Battle for our Potential Reality-Part 1-Introduct

    Sounds great. Drop some knowledge on us!!! Lol
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    Re: Can you see it?!?!

    Well I'm much more of a "feeler" than a "seer". But I have definitely felt a huge difference in the energy of the planet over the last year or so. I would agree that it feels much more crisp or pure....
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