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    Re: Asking for your help

    Standing with you Amethyst in your state of being and know you will make the leap forward when the time is right as you are too awake and aware to stay down too long ........hugs and love energy...
  2. Re: BILL JENKINS, researcher and interviewer, has passed. His daughter is a new forum member, and has a message for us all

    Thank you for sharing your loss with Avalon and many heart felt blessings for a beautiful day and celebration of your Father's life and wonderful work. A Warm Welcome to you Kelly. :)
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    Re: Healing Request For My Brother

    Wonderful for both you and your Brother Mike..........continued healing and a beautiful wedding day and event resulting :)
  4. Sticky: Re: The Faces of Avalon - new YouTube channel for forum members

    As Steve Jobs was reported to have said upon a new adventure :) WOW !WOW! WOW!

    Great initiative Christine and Team Avalon and boy the Shift Has Hit The Fan with all the wonderful contributions...
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    Re: Being the 8th King

    Unconditional Love :)
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    Sticky: Re: Message Board: Avalonians Request Our Help

    Dear Avid,

    Tough changes to deal with for sure and yes good health and energy are key as you well know and promote always in your posts. You also know that in times like this you have to just keep...
  7. Re: Lessons from Cuba - Surviving the end of petroleum based fertilizer

    Very interesting and an abundance of quality information. Thanks Ron, much appreciated :)
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    Re: Healing Thoughts Please

    Good to hear that your partner is out of critical danger and on a healing journey now, Realeyes. With you and all the wonders of healing energy by his side, he is blessed. Thus, my wishes to you both...
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    Re: Who Are The Powers That Be?

    The powers to be are us but it appears we are not ready as a species to take on the responsibility so we abdicate accountability and comply with those who replace us!!
  10. Thread: The UFO Economy

    by sandy

    Re: The UFO Economy

    I love her sensibility and humbleness..............could listen to her all night:) thks for posting
  11. Re: Kevin Galalae's open letter to Canadian Parliament

    Thks for posting the letter info as Kevin is a man great with words and wisdom and I too hope that the members of parliment will read and take to heart his warnings and advice. :)
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    Re: English style humanity "HOMELESS SPIKES"

    Great way to hold your styrofoam bed or chair in place giving more security for a creative homeless person and let me say I believe creativity of the human spirit will find ways to overcome the cruel...
  13. Re: Even Western Media slipping under its own grease?

    Lots of propaganda>>>>>>>>>.whoops I mean promotion :)
  14. Re: Karen Hudes, SCAM Buster - on the Dinar RV, and OPPT

    I don't think what Kevin is doing is a scam either it is just that he no longer has the support he once had from the Canadian First Nations People he first went to bat for. There was some kind of...
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    Re: Fake kid at Boston Marathon "bombing"

    Not impressed with the narrator and his vile comments about the physicality of the women................he is absolutely crude and a provocatuer for drama which truly takes away from his message of a...
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    Re: A farewell to all my Avalon friends

    Travel well my friend and know that we are with you in spirit always :)
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    Re: (First try) herbal infusion

    Sending positive vibes that this oil works like a charm for you Dennis :)
  18. Re: Justice ? Courts say NO to Ontario Power's plans to build new reactors

    Great News for Sure........thks for posting :)
  19. Re: 'Intelevator' Intelligent Voice-Activated Elevator

    Priceless, I giggled and chortled all the way through it......thanks ExomatrixTV :)
  20. Re: Crazy China! Forty People Broke into the 4th Branch of Our Community Without Any Lawful Documents!

    Dear xidaijena,

    How great that you are able to post again and most of all that you and some of your community are reestablishing yourselves once again. Many Blessings to you all and may the...
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