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    Re: MMS Siezed by Health Canada

    Please do not give medical opinion if you are not qualified one.

    I know there is a confusing between medical approach and pharmaceutic financial leeching. People often put them in same basket....
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    A Fire in the Belly, by Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MD ChB, PhD. Great book, latest on gut health. My biggest take away was his contention that our gut's beneficial bacteria's DNA has more impact on our...
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    Re: This is called Winning the War on Drugs

    What War on Anything has the government ever won?! A government declaration of war on any subject results in calamity, discord, failure, and profits for the warriors.

    Anyway, why are drugs...
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    Re: Dr Masaru Emoto - RIP

    Indeed, between Dr. Emoto and Viktor Schauberger the wonderful qualities of water become known. Pure, clean, natural water is so hard to come by. Oh, that I owned land with a natural spring!
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    Once this bizarre czar is appointed what will he do after the Ebola scare is over? As we know, no government entity is ever dismantled once installed. Will there be a constant stream of viral threats...
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    Re: Alternative medicine for Uterine Fibroids

    "DIM is a supplement I've long supported and used. It works by preventing the unwanted damage caused by excess estrogen and man-made poisons (called xenobiotics). When your body detects these toxins,...
  7. Thread: Awaken

    by conk

    Re: Awaken

    And this thread too I surrender to thee Oh Lord. :)

    Greybeard, your wonderful energy is appreciated. Salute!
  8. Re: "The Sacred Science": Free Online Viewing until Oct 17

    These were the only "free preview" for the book. I like honey, unfortunately I don't have bees and I can't afford some royal jelly which is said to be a very powerful regenerative, can you confirm...
  9. Re: "The Sacred Science": Free Online Viewing until Oct 17


    Interesting that you posted a page with honey. For some reason spirit has been pushing me to buy lots of honey. I have maybe 15 big...
  10. Re: "The Sacred Science": Free Online Viewing until Oct 17

    Went ahead and purchased the cook book and the DVD in order to show my support for this vital endeavor. Much applause! Thanks for the tip on this seemingly wonderful film.

    I have a similar video...
  11. Re: Putin Warns of "Nuclear Power Consequences" If Attempts to Blackmail Russia Don't Stop!

    Exactly, the system consistently throws up the same old clowns for "election". Are there not qualified, honest, caring people that desire to hold public office? Oh, sorry, yes there are. They just...
  12. Re: Elon Musk: We'll Have Driverless Cars by 2023

    Whether we want it or not!

    Although it really could work..........if the government stays out of it.
  13. Re: Americans face post-foreclosure as wages garnished, assets seized

    It infuriates me to read "they want their money back"! Did they not create the money for the loan from thin air? Did they not take ZERO risk at the time of the loan? And worse (I certainly do not...
  14. Re: Billionaire Tells Americans to Prepare For 'Financial Ruin'

    How about some good visuals?
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    Re: What about vaccines for pets?

    I took our Pug in for an ear infection and expressly told them that I did not want the routine vaccine injections. Took the dog home and she began to swell. Her face looked awful and she was in pain,...
  16. Re: Haemorrhagic fever / Ebola outbreaks have been reported - accident, natural or bio-weapon?

    And this is not even up to date!
  17. Re: Alkaline Foods (Ph) and The Prevention of Ailments

    This is very true. The acid that bothers us is not too much HCI, but the acid that forms from indigestible garbage that putrefies in the gut. And then doctors prescribe medications that suppress the...
  18. Re: Ebola and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Nothing New Under the Sun?

    I love the Chinese practice of paying the doctor to keep you well. If you get sick, he doesn't get paid. Are you listening Western doctors?
  19. Re: Finally: Banker admits Libor fraud conspiracy

    Prediction: No jail time, merely fines. Of course the big boys simply consider fines as a cost of doing business, a pesky million or two compared to the billions in profits.

    Trivia: What is the...
  20. Re: Women of all shapes and sizes loving their bodies

    i am truly but absolutely truly sorry to read what you wrote, in such a nice thread. First, your last paragraph is a full fledge judgement of others. We are here talking about the beauty of all...
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